Long gone are the days when cosmetic surgery or beauty treatments in general used to be a taboo and women used to shy away from owning if they have undergone any procedure or treatment.
| Hair removal
When it comes to hair removal, there are plenty of options available.
| Hair removal
Having a tattoo is an emotional decision, whether we have someone’s name inked on ourselves or it is something symbolic,
| Laser tattoo removal
Being a cosmetology clinic, we have a lot of our clients asking us about what could be the best way to ensure a good skin health.
| Skin care
Monthly waxing routines can be troublesome. The pain is just too much to take in, no matter how much the salon advertises about its painless waxes.
| Laser hair removal
If we compare what the scene used to be say 5-10 years ago and how things are today, Hair Transplant as a concept has many takers now.
| hair transplant treatment
Skin lightening has become a phenomenon in the aesthetic industry these days.
| Glutathione
We have in our earlier blogs talked about the effectiveness of liposuction as a fat loss procedure and we have explained how this fat loss technique has seen advancements over time.
| Liposuction
Beautiful long locks or trendy pixie, irrespective of the hair length, we are sure you have your own hair care challenges.
| Hair care
Unwanted body hair is a big worry for women.
| Hair Removal
4 Reasons Why We Get Split Ends and What You Can Do About Them
| Hair care
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