Skin is our largest organ, and it gives shape and definition to every part of our body.
| Skin Ageing
We know that it is near impossible an idea to rush to a dermatologist or a salon every time one requires a decent hair care.
| Healthy Hair
It is a common discussion, no matter what kind of demographics are involved- how to lose the fat and even if it is done, then how to ensure that it does not come back!
When we talk of baldness or hair transplant we usually associate it with men and visible bald patches.
| Hair Transplant
Heels are the one fashion accessory every female irrespective of the age maintains. While some might go for the starting 2-3 inches, others opt for 6-7 inches one.
Imagine going for a procedure that not just helps you with fat loss but also contours your body to account for the lost fat pockets and boosts collagen in the process!
| Fat loss
We are not going to talk about any miracle cream which will make you fair in say 12 days; neither are we going to tell you a secret remedy.
| Skin Lightening
Festive Season is here and so are the parties. Well, it is the time to enjoy and just for a change get a break from your otherwise disciplined schedule!
| Skin care
If you have been following Kim Kardashian or Bar Rafaeli for sometime now- we are sure you know what we are going to talk about.
| Skin Care
Whenever we talk about facelifts, it is usually surgical procedures that come to our mind. And needless to say that they are effective enough to be the preferred choice.
| Lift techniques
Whoever said that Men do not groom must be lying. To be honest, more than the personal preference, grooming has become essential to our professional lives as well.
| Hair care
Eating disorders are the mental disorders which are marked by an obsession with food or body shape.
| Eating Disorders
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