Top 5 Most Common Factors for Premature Aging

Top 5 Most Common Factors for Premature Aging

Aging, given our current lifestyles isn’t something which sets in when we cross the threshold where our bodily functions slow down and hence the signs start showing on our face.

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Even people as young as twenty five to thirty year olds sometime look way older than their years because of the excess stress that they have to face- either in their professional or personal lives.

This early onset of aging which we call “premature aging” has become very common these days and given the number of enquiries that we keep receiving on how one can battle it, we thought that there should be some good text to refer to.

This blog talks about the factors that result in premature aging and what one can do to counter it.

Stress and Our Attitude

Comes first in the list because most of the time, we do not even realise that this could be one of the major reasons behind the early onset of aging.

The face takes more muscles to frown than to smile, also, a continuous pensive mood slows down the internal systems and hence reduces the immunity of the body to fight any stress- this results in a dull and aged look.

However, with a positive mood,the blood circulation is usually high (owing to the multiple hormones in play) and the face glows thus making one appear youthful. Since the brain and also the muscles are relaxed, the skin recuperates from any external damage significantly faster.Thus, try to keep a positive attitude towards life and it will fight the signs of any kind of aging naturally.


Weekend getaways, late night parties and eating out is common for many of us and smoking and drinking has also become an integral part of our lifestyle. While all of these do provide instant gratifications, what most of us fail to understand or conveniently ignore is the fact that such an imbalanced lifestyle messes up our bodily systems significantly resulting in an early degradation of the immune system. This in turn significantly disables the skin’s ability to recuperate and the result is premature aging, puffy face and swollen or heavy under eye region.

However, with a balanced lifestyle which comprises of fun but also involves adequate rest to the body, one can combat these damages. So, while you drink and smoke, (even though you should do it in proportions moderate enough to avoid damage), do make sure that you intake enough water and maintain healthy food habits so that the body keeps getting enough nutrition to combat any damage done.

Ambient atmospheric conditions

Not everything can be under our control, at least the ambient atmospheric conditions cannot be and so if one lives in a highly polluted or high pollen or hot or extremely cold place, the skin will have to face certain inherent hardships.

For instance, people living in areas which are excessively hot tend to have higher melanin deposition. Similarly, people who live in cities with higher pollution and hence a higher probability of damaging UV affect tend to have more sunburns/spots or dry skin.

While a lot of this cannot be prevented, yet with adequate care, one can counter the damages. We suggest that one should maintain a dedicated skin care routine at home and with medifacials /skin treatments at the clinic and any other specific treatments if required.

Unsupervised Diet Plans

One of the first things we consider when we think of reducing weight is to control our diet or more often, crash diet so that the weight loss happens faster.

While it does give instant results but it isn’t something sustainable or something we would suggest. This is because crash diets leave the body with inadequate nutrients, an affect which shows immediately on our skin making it appear, old, shrivelled and dull. Multiple such bouts of crash dieting can result in significantly damaging the skin quality as well as result in dark circles ; all of which makes one look older than they are. The solution- do not crash diet! You may, definitely cut down on the intake of junk or excess fat foods but maintain a balanced diet and if you really want a sustainable solution to weight loss, consult a doctor/dietician. Unhealthy Eating Habits

All the above being said, even the right dietary habits play an important role in determining the extent and onset of aging too. Foods such as refined sugar, white flour and full fat dairy products which can cause inflammation in the digestive system result in early onset of aging. Instead, intake of foods such as fresh fruits and slow cooked or sautéed vegetables provide the right kind of omega fatty acids to the body which not just assist with better digestion but also are nutrient rich enough to ensure a healthy youthful glow.

We hope that all the points that we mentioned would be of assistance to you and help in fighting any signs of premature aging. For expert advice however, well, we are just a call away!

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