Of Festivals and Selfies

Of Festivals and Selfies

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The Festive season is here and no wonder the Facebook walls are all geared up to shine brightly with the bling and glitter we are going to provide them with in the form of our sweet memories (read selfies)

Now, when everyone would be putting up their selfies and there would be a competition of sorts about who looked better, with the reactions being the ultimate measure of popularity, here are a few things you can do with your selfies and stand out in the crowd.

So Read On and Rock On!

The Poses

Well because these are the ones you would be putting up. This time, do not pout, instead duck-face it- which means, this season go quirky! Do not stick to the usual smiley photos of you and friends, make faces and a lot of them

the poses

Caption them Fine

Writing full sentences in the name of hashtags is a strict No No! So #DoNoWriteAStatementLikeThat !

the right hashtags

Additionally, you can be innovatively simplistic. For example, if it is Durga Pujo that you write for, Go for #DurgaPujo only. You do not have to write #Celebrations #GetTogethers #Happiness etc. because they are obvious. This single hashtag will definitely leave people surprised!

The Filters

Go No Filter! Why dilute the bling by Blacktea-ing or Soft Light-ing your pictures? Remember, it is festive season and Indian Festivals mean bling! See what a little bit of sepia did to the original image below!


Time it Right!

Do not post anything early in the morning or late night after 11 p.m.! Post around 9:30 p.m. when majority people are online. Also, time your responses to the comments too around this time so that your image pops up in the news feeds of your followers!

time it right

Let the feet do the talking

Not just the faces, your investment in the footwear deserves a chance at show-off too! So either alone or with a group of your friends, click those heels ladies!

let the feet talk

No individuals

Yes, do not just click yourself, click with your friends, click with your family, click with a group but not alone, for the festivals are about togetherness, arenít they?


Get a Costume Story done!

Well, not really getting into costumes and acting like certain characters! What we meant is, instead of random pics put into an album, create a story around the pics and then upload them! Like this one here has the family in coordination giving the feel of a royal family.

Source: Emily Dewan Photography

Do Not Click!

Well, the last one but on an emotional note- there will be many such moments which you may want to click but they are so perfect that you decide that you would rather enjoy it there! Have those, have plenty of those! Because what stays in the eyes, is worth way more than what goes on the wall.

Happy Festivities people!

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