Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Laser clinics offers a wide range of services to get that perfect glow for this festive season. At Kosmoderma, all our treatments are carefully designed & customised keeping in mind each one of you.This year too, we have designed the following treatments to prepare you for the festive season. In just a few weeks, we can give you fabulous results with these treatments.

Kosmo Cocktail: Brighten up your face with natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid , & Arbutin . These natural compounds are meant to brighten and repair your skin.

Radiance Medifacial: Medifacials at Kosmoderma are tailored to tackle everyday damage and are very good for skin maintenance . Unlike spa facials we at Kosmoderma use medicated products that penetrate deeper into the skin for more effective & long lasting results. The Radiance Medifacial helps to hydrate and tone up the skin leaving it fresh & rejuvenated.

Kosmo Peels : These peels are derived from natural ingredients and work on exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin. Again, the Peels are tailored & customised by our expert doctors to suit ones skin and needs.

Photo Facial :At Kosmoderma we offer you a wide range of facials using lasers.The lasers work breaking up the pigment in all layers of the skin and help lighten and brighten the skin. The lasers can be used to treat all kinds & types of skin. The Expert Dermatologists at Kosmoderma choose the laser based on patients skin type and pre existing condition. All our lasers are FDA approved and very safe.

Skin Booster Injection : The skin booster injections help to control the melanin activity in the skin .They lighten the skin by two to three tones.

Be Camera Ready: High definition cameras pick up all the flaws in our skin.This festive season we can help you to be “Camera Ready” 24/7 with our Repair and Redefine program.

Repair :This program includes resurfacing lasers with hydra boost injections which help correct texture, open pores and pigmentation due to sun damage leaving your skin soft, supple & smooth.

Redefine :Redefine your skin with hyaluronic acid fillers and protein injections which will give you a perfect aesthetic camera friendly face and erase your wrinkles.