Hair fall, as against what the common notion is, isn’t a chronic disease. An average of 8-50 hair fall daily and get regrown accordingly. This is because like all the other body parts, our hair also follow a growth cycle.

The normal cycle of hair growth lasts for 2 to 6 years. Each hair grows approximately 1 centimetre per month during the growth phase. About 90 percent of the hair on our scalp are growing at any one time and about 10 percent of the hair on our scalp, at that particular time are in resting phase.

Around the 5th year from their first appearance, the hairs fall out and get replaced within 6 months. The average scalp contains about 1,00,000 hairs. As mentioned earlier, on an average, a person loses some 8-50 hairs a day; however, some people may experience excessive (more than normal) hair loss.

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Is Hair Fall Making You Insane?

Everyone can understand how frustrating it is to see strands of your hair snuggled around the tooth of your comb. Hair are assets of the human body which gives us a charming personality and stunning looks. Today, numbers of people are facing this issue. There could be numerous reasons behind hair fall. Some of them you will find shortly on this page.

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What are the causes of excessive hair loss?

Men and women undergo thinning of hair or loss of hair as they age. This is mainly related to ageing, hereditary factors and testosterone. About 25% of the men start balding by the time they are 30 years old.

However, there are countless other factors too, some of which include:

  • Stress
  • Prolonged illness
  • Medications, Post Chemotherapy, excess Vitamin A
  • Nutritional deficiency, Crash diets that lack sufficient protein, Iron and Vitamins
  • Hormonal imbalance – post-delivery or thyroid gland problems (either overactive or less active than normal)
  • Chemical and Physical stress to the hair shaft from Hair Colouring, Perming, straightening or lengthening*.
  • Infection of the scalp – Fungal infections

How to get Hair Fall Treatment in Bangalore?

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Common hair loss patterns

There are 2 common patterns:

Patchy hair loss:
This is usually seen as well defined areas of hair loss. There are many conditions which cause this kind of hair loss, and usually one needs to see a dermatologist to examine and diagnose the problem.

Diffused hair loss:
Diffused loss of hair over the scalp is usually a cause of concern if the scalp can be seen through, otherwise it is the usual hair loss that forms the part of the hair growth cycle. Diffuse hair loss has two patterns to its name.

Male pattern baldness: This involves a receding hairline with thinning around the crown with eventual bald spots. This has been attributed mainly to genetics and testosterone influence
Female pattern baldness: This involves thinning on the scalp with an intact hairline. It is attributed to mainly age and lack of sufficient nutrients.

When to seek Medical Help?

As has been mentioned earlier too, hair loss is normal and one does not need to be worried about till any of the following symptoms appear:

  • You are losing hair in an unusual pattern
  • You are losing hair rapidly or at an early age (for example, in your teens or twenties)
  • You have pain or itching on your scalp
  • The skin on your scalp under the involved area is red, scaly, or otherwise abnormal
  • You are a woman and have male pattern baldness
  • You have bald spots on your beard or eyebrows

What are the treatment options?

There are various treatment options such as:

  • Growth Factor Therapy
  • PRP
  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Low level Laser therapy
  • Derma-roller
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hair weaving
  • Hair transplants
  • Nutritional supplements

What does an ideal hair care routine look like?

The basic and most important thing is that you should wash your hair frequently, the frequency is defined by “when you can see the oil surfacing on your hair and they start seeming sticky”. For most (all genders included) washing twice a week is enough but for some washing daily is a need. A good dermatologist can define the frequency and hair care routine for you but till the time you visit him/her, here is what you can follow:

  • Wash regularly (As has been explained already)
  • Just like facial cleansers, hair cleansers are also available which can be used daily and will also help in maintaining the hair’s moisture content
  • Oiling is a must, most of the times the type of oil which suits you depends on your hair texture and hence the choices vary from the mild oils available in market to coconut and mustard oil also
  • Also, use conditioners- mostly they mention what the particular conditioner is meant for and hence you can make your pick.
  • Last of all, eat healthy and make sure you include protein in your diet. Sometimes dietary protein may not be enough based on the kind of work that we do, in that case protein powders are readily available in the market and can be taken orally mixed in milk. (Protein shakes esp the ones which are packed may result in more fattening than protein provision).
  • To keep your hair well hydrated, be sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Also try to include foods which contain silica such as rice, oats, lettuce, parsnips, asparagus, onion, strawberry, cabbage, cucumber, celery, cauliflower and green leafy vegetables. Silica is vital to the strength of hair, and can stop hair breakage. A lack of vitamin B in the diet can lead to oily greasy hair. To fight greasy hair, be sure to eat lots of whole grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, eggs, wheat germ, legumes and green leafy vegetables. Although the link between premature greying and diet hasn’t been established, evidence does suggest that the amino acids tyrosine – which acts as a precursor to colour producing pigments in the hair and skin – can help! Thinning hair or hair loss may be a sign of iron deficiency. Be sure to eat plenty of iron rich foods, such as red meat, eggs, legumes, whole grain cereals, dried fruits and green leafy vegetables. Since hair is composed mostly of protein, your hair will most likely respond well to the addition of high protein foods such as meats, eggs, cheese, seeds and nuts. These foods can help reinforce the hair follicles and prevents the hair from falling out.
  • Oiling prevents premature ageing. Also, no matter how much you go by the “mild shampoo” and use a conditioner, almost nothing (that I know of and I think I know a lot) can replace the benefits that an oil massage gives you. This is because it goes at a different level altogether. When you get an oil massage (or do it for that matter), you actually stimulate the nerves in your head which leads to better blood circulation in the area. This improved circulation not only relaxes your body on the whole but also strengthens your hair from the roots. A gentle nourishing head massage will solve many of your hair care woes.

Plus, with the aforementioned effects, your hair will get a natural shine. To end, here is a list of oils you can use based on your hair type:

  • Jojoba, almond or amla oils for normal hair
  • Olive or sesame oils for oily hair
  • Coconut, mustard or cocoa butter oils for dry hair
  • Tea Tree oil or Bhringraj oil for dandruff prone scalps or in case of excess hair loss

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