The process of getting the open pores treated using steam extraction is now very much a passe. What is now being deemed as one of the most effective treatments for the same is skin detox using deep pore cleansing.

Carbon peels due to the usage of activated carbon and lasers in the therapy is the newest and most effective treatment in the domain right now.

The procedure involves application of a carbon gel on to the skin pores. Once set, a laser beam is passed over the skin. Due to its carbon affinity, the heat from the laser gets absorbed in the carbon particles which results in the particles not just settling in the deeper pores but also heating up till they effectively disappear. This process results in the stimulation of the surrounding skin giving an instant rejuvenation and glow to the skin.

The Carbon Glow Laser can reduce the pores visibly in one session only hence making it a preferred pre-event procedure.