Experience 365 Days of Unlimited Laser Hair Removal starting at Just Rs. 9999!


We’ve all tried getting rid of unwanted hair, but it is often a time-consuming, painful and messy process. Traditional hair removal techniques often lead to ingrown hairs, razor burns, the annoying prickly feeling when the hair begins to break through the skin and the fact that the re-growth often appears thicker.

Laser Hair Reduction on the other hand is relatively quick, pain-free and yields longer-lasting results with each session, reducing the hair growth from its source.

Kosmoderma’s Annual Laser Hair Reduction Packages keep you hair-free and care-free for an entire year! Not only that, but they also help pave the way for significant reduction in future hair re-growth.

Our Laser Hair Reduction treatments have you covered! For both Women and Men, we have treatments for areas including Upper Lip, Chin & Cheeks, Beard Shaping (Men), Neck, Shoulders, Underarms, Stomach & Abdomen, Chest & Back, Bikini and Full Body.

Our Annual Hair Reduction Packages Start @ Rs. 9999! Call Us on +91 80395 13404 or Fill in the Enquiry Form to begin your journey to smooth hair-free skin now!