Purity Anti-Acne Mask

Ultra Clear

For Acne and Breakout- prone Skin

Kosmocare Clarity Anti Acne Mask plays a very important role in managing acne & breakout prone skin. Vitamin B3 helps treat acne by addressing the infection and inflammation associated with the condition. Lactic acid which is a very gentle exfoliant, and has outstanding anti-aging and skin lightening benefits helps address these skin concerns. Antioxidant powers of mulberry extract fight free radicals. The result is smooth, clear, blemish free skin.

Purity Anti-Acne Mask penetrates the skin, unplugs pores, and creates an outlet for impurities. In addition it effectively reduces acne without dehydrating your skin or causing irritation.

Enzyme Mask

An Instant Glow

For All Skin Type

Because Kosmocare Enzyme mask dramatically benefit the skin, it is an ideal addition to your skin care regimen, delivering radiant skin in just 10 minutes.
Made with papaya & pumpkin enzymes, Kosmocare Enzyme Mask is designed to address dull skin, pore congestion, dehydration, and more. This professional-grade mask is formulated with a lot of research and advanced ingredients to yield dramatic skin improvement. It has natural source of antioxidants with vitamins to protect the skin and it also helps brighten the skin tone by exfoliating dry dull skin and lightening superficial pigment.
Enzyme mask is super concentrated and penetrating; so you only need to use it once a week. It is a perfect pre-party/pre-event mask because the benefit of this mask can be seen almost immediately, as it gives an instant boost to the skin.


• It makes the skin smoother and softer
• Brightens the skin complexion
• Helps with cell rejuvenation process
• It improves skin ability to retain moisture
• It helps product penetration
• The skin becomes smoother which makes the application of makeup easier

Skin Calming Balm


Post peel / procedure balm, damaged skin

Kosmocare Skin Calming Balm provides the skin with all the necessary nutrients to regain and retain a healthy complexion. This pH balanced balm is ideal to rebalance the skin after peels and laser skin procedures and is excellent for environmentally damaged skin.