Pregnancy MediFacial for Pigmentation:

Pigmentation during pregnancy is commonly known as pregnancy mask. There are chances that it can become deeper & darker if not taken proper care during pregnancy. Let us guide you on skin care during pregnancy to avoid Long Lasting* damage to your skin. Use of natural herbs will help decrease pigment production and control the skin patches.

Pregnancy MediFacial for Detoxification

Eliminating toxins from your body to safeguard your baby seems like common sense. After all, if toxins from air pollution, fertilizers, water treatment chemicals and pesticides cause harm in adults, they must cause even more harm to a developing fetus. This massage helps with lymphatic drainage so that the toxins are removed faster.

Post-Pregnancy MediFacial for Hydration

It’s important to stay well hydrated. Delivery and lactation can dehydrate the skin. Our MediFacials are specially designed to replace the hydration lost during & after pregnancy.

Anti-stretch mark Treatment for body

Nearly every woman dreads them and most get them. Most won’t talk about them. Let us help you before its too late. This treatment uses specialized pregnancy safe oils rich in Vitamin E to nourish and soften the skin so that it can stretch to accommodate your baby without tearing the inner skin.

DeStress Back Massage > Foot and Leg Massage for Swelling

An aching back, cramping legs, feet so swollen it feels like you’re walking on bricks … pregnancy can make you sore all over. Looking for relief? Try our signature massages specially designed for pregnant women.

Post – Pregnancy Anti – Hair Fall Treatment

It’s the ultimate “kick me when I’m down” scenario: you’re still recovering* from having a baby, your body doesn’t look the same and now your hair is falling out! Hair loss is a normal occurrence for a woman after a pregnancy. Talk to our medical consultant if your hair loss is excessive. We can help.

Post Delivery Tummy Toning

Pregnancy and child-birth leave your stomach area stretched and out of shape. Although, you cannot shrink your stomach overnight, let our doctors give you realistic expectations & help you get back in shape safely.