Skin Care routine for Dry Skin

Skin Care routine for Dry Skin

Let us take a break from all things medical and let us focus on things which are natural. DIYs as we always mention are good for maintenance and also the fact that they are minus any chemical formulations, it gives a break to the skin too.

So, sharing with you some of the best daily/weekly regimen for Dry Skin Type

Jojoba Oil Massage

What to do: Mix half a teaspoon full of jojoba oil in a cup of warm water. Soak a clean cotton cloth in it. Put this cloth on your face till you can feel the warmth. Repeat the procedure for 5/7 minutes or till the water remains warm depending on whichever happens earlier.

Frequency: Repeat this procedure once or twice a week

Why this: Jojoba oil is similar in structure to sebum which is the natural oil produced by the skin. This similarity in structure facilitates a better absorption into the skin thus helping in dry skin repair.

Epsom Salt Scrub

What to do: Mix 2-3 tbsp of epsom salt with half a cup olive oil and about 10-15 drops of lavender oil. Prepare a mix and put it in an airtight container. Now, everytime you go for a bath, just dampen your face and use this scrub. Gently massage the salt particles into your face in anti-clockwise direction and wash off with lukewarm water

Frequency: Just like a normal scrub, not more than twice a week

Why This: The epsom salt clears the pores while also absorbing the toxins from the skin while the olive and lavender oils get absorbed in the skin so as to boost the skin’s moisture.

Banana Mask

What to do: Take half of a ripe banana and make it into a paste. Now mix this with one tbsp of coconut oil. Mix thoroughly and apply the resulting paste on your face. Keep it there for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water

Frequency: Once a week before sleeping would suffice.

Why This: Banana is a natural antioxidant and prevents wrinkle formation by soothing the skin’s tension. Coconut oil due to its high fat content boosts the skin’s moisture making it look hydrated.

Essential Vitamins (Vit B7, C and E)

And finally some scientific help to keep your skin healthy.
Increase the intake of Vitamin B7, C and E in your diet as well as you can take supplements to make up for the nutritional requirements.

Vitamin E protects the skin from UV rays by preventing any free radical damage. It also hydrated the skin and prevents formation of dry patches, flakiness or dark spots.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and helps in reversing the signs of damage by eliminating the reactive oxygen from the cells. In addition to this, it helps in reducing inflammation and prevents skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema from developing.

Vitamin B7 is a natural hydrating agents which builds up the skin’s moisture and helps in preventing dermatitis.