Skin Treatment in Chennai

Treatments are not about some disease, treatments are about improvement too and considering how it is these days, the improvement have assumed the primary position as against the traditional thought of curative step.

The reason behind it is the rising awareness and the increased exposure to the international arena where developments in the skin and body domain keep happening. At Kosmoderma, through our expert dermatologists and the research done by them, we try to bridge the gap between what our clients want and how easily that particular thing is available.

Having been the pioneer in the introduction of several international treatments in India, we also take pride in the fact that we have had people from across the border consult us for their issues and fly over to India to get the desired treatment.

In our existence of over a decade, we have seen a variety of concerns and helped to resolve them. Needless to say that this experience has helped us to expand into what we are today- a clinic chain, the Best in Bangalore and Chennai and probably the best in the entire Southern India at the very least.

Kosmoderma concerns itself with the treatments of a variety of skin, hair and body related issues, some of them are ccne, bumpy dry skin, open pores, pigmentation, sun damage, moles and warts, skin maintenance and rejuvenation in general, hair fall and hair growth, fat reduction, tattoo removal etc. For detailed information on each, please visit

Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics, Chennai

Founded by Dr. Chytra V Anand or Dr. Fix It as she is known by her clients, an Internationally renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics is the best Dermatology Clinic not just in Chennai but the entire South India, competing only with its other branches in the region.

Credited with the introduction of Fractional Laser acne scar rejuvenation and non-surgical thread lifts in India in addition to being the Clinic with the maximum Botox and Filler Injectables to its credit, our team of highly qualified and trained doctors is something that makes us the Skin Care Clinic in Chennai without any doubt.

Our dermatologists and therapists receive rigorous in house training at the International Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. The fact that the courses at IAAM are not sponsored by any drug or equipment company makes the curriculum completely unbiased. Hence, our dermatologists are well versed with the pros and cons of the constituents and thus can differentiate a good brand from a not so good one, giving our clients only the best.

Why Kosmoderma is the Best Skin Clinic in Chennai?

At Kosmoderma we ensure that everything we say and do has only the best results for our clients and we feel that this is the biggest differentiating factor but then it is intangible and we cannot prove it. So, here are a few tangibles which easily make us the best choice for skin treatments

  1. Our team of trained doctors and therapists who led us to win several awards is what forms the backbone of Kosmoderma. Almost all of our dermatologists are members of various national and international academies dedicated to the fields of Dermatology and Venereology. They have presented papers at various conferences both in India as well as abroad giving them an exposure to not just Indian but also International dermatological market which in turn helps in improving the services at Kosmoderma to match the International standards.
  2. Kosmoderma has always been the pioneer in terms of bringing innovation to the Indian Market. Whether it be the fractional scar rejuvenation or medicated facials, we believe that our clients deserve the best and hence no risks should be taken when it is the question of the skin, hair and body. Hence, we have only USFDA & European CE approved equipments which ensure that you have a safe and reliable treatment always.
  3. Another critical factor taken into consideration is personalisation of the treatments, On the outset it might look that being Indian, the skin type of almost all of the people will be same. However, that is not the case and the skin type and sensitivity as well as other nutritional needs are pretty specific to the person. Thus, at Kosmoderma, even the treatments are curated as per the patient only and we have a strict policy against generic methodologies. For skin concerns for instance, we have a 3D facial analysis software which carefully analyses the face prior to the treatment to ensure that the treatment can be customised as per the skin requirements and the improvements can be accurately monitored.

Skin Treatments at Kosmoderma in Chennai

The broader categorisation of the treatments at Kosmoderma can be done as

  • Curative
  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetic
  • Aspirational

Curative treatments involve solutions for skin concerns such as acne, acne scars, moles and warts, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, sun damage etc.

Maintenance based treatments involve Skin Hydration, peels, and the varieties of Medifacials and Photofacials

Aesthetic based treatments mainly involve long last make-ups, hair transplantation and Laser Hair Reduction among the hair related issues and weight loss procedures such as Cool Sculpting, Lipodissolve, Liposuction etc for the body.

Aspirational are mainly anti-aging and skin lightening, brightening treatments, tissue tightening and botox and dermal fillers.

Best Skin Clinic Awards

Kosmoderma has been the recipient of several National and International Awards across the years. Some of the most prominent ones among them include:

  1. Aesthetic Player of the Year, South-2016 : Awarded by the India Salon and Wellness Congress, these awards are given annually across various personal care domains
  2. India’s Most Trusted Skin Care Clinic Brand-2015: As the name itself suggests, these awards gauge the customer perception towards a brand and dole out the results accordingly. Given by the Brand Equity Council, Kosmoderma looks forward to replicate this success
  3. India’s Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic Chain-2014: Given under the umbrella of Indian Health and Wellness awards, the fact that we got the award as a chain and not just for a clinic speaks volumes about the uniformity of the service quality across all our clinics.
  4. India’s Most Promising Skin, Hair and Laser Enterprise-2014: Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards are set of prestigious awards developed by the eminent Juries & bestowed to the deserving Leaders & Enterprises after a thorough screening of their landmark achievements for their significant accomplishments in their own fields who have performed under tough conditions imbibing innovation in their business approach. It is a mix of experience, innovation & risk taking abilities that drive the nomination process.

These awards say it all!  At Kosmoderma, we endorse excellence in delivering. By bridging the gap between beauty & medicine we offer safe, effective and affordable treatments with high standards of quality and thereby enhancing results.

Client Testimonials

The treatment given by Dr. Poornima worked to me…  And shown a great improvement for my skin problem.The precise treatment is the keyfactor. I am very thankful to Kosmoderma team.

-Vivek Soni wrote on 9th Sept; 2017

I came for a skin treatment to kosmoderma . People really takes good care and their concern was wondering. Dr.poornima and assistant ms.fathima gave me good treatment and care.

I’m completely satisfied with the service they provided me.

-Shamali Ramachandran wrote on 12th July; 2017