It was a pleasant experience with Dr.Shazia remarkable doctor. totally value for money, i am taking treatment(PRP) for my skin. she suggested 4 session of PRP for my damaged skin as of now one session is completed. now i am seeing result on 1st session. the products will be costly but value for money. i will prefer Kosmoderma for any type of skin problem.. just consult the Dr. shaZia she will explain clearly about ur skin problem and treatment. satisfied 100% for my treatment*. Good service by Anitha*. i will keep post my exp and result for my treatment*. Thank u @kosmoderma Hyd*.

– Kartik (May 21, 2016)


Visited Kosmoderma Indiranagr for hairfall and now I am regular to the clinic for other services.they have worked wonders to my skin and off course hairfall has reduced to a great extent*. Love their fb page for the beauty tips it gives.

– aditi (May 18, 2016)


I started visiting Kosmoderma at Indira nagar in March 2015 for Face laser hair reduction. Later as per my skin type Dr Neha have suggested me to do few peel treatment for my skin. I must admit that Kosmoderma clinic has given life to my skin. I get compliments all the way, at how my skin glows without using any expensive products. I was able to combat wrinkles and aging. The doctors are quick to understand your concerns. Kosmoderma products are also good and work well on my skin though a little expensive. Honesty, I’m very satisfied with their services and its definitely worth it.

– Mercy S (May 12, 2016)


I had acne problem, so visited Kosmoderma clinic in JP Nagar. Now my acne has cured and my skin condition is also improved a lot. I would like to thank Dr. Pallavi who treated and guided to come over skin issues. Thank you Kosmoderma.

– Ambika (May 10, 2016)


Hi I visit the JP Nagar branch for my acne and other skin conditions. The care with which the treatments are done and the quality of the treatments itself is inpressive. The doctors are kind and look after you very well. I have seen good results with just one sitting. I definitely recommend Kosmoderma JP Nagar. Thanks Dr Pallavi, Dr Rashmi and Ayesha and team!

– Vishalakshi (May 05, 2016)


Dr. Chytra is the most amazing dermatologist. Her diagnosis and treatment are fabulous. I highly recommend Kosmoderma to everyone.

– shraddha(Apr 27, 2016)


Hi All, This is my experience with Kosmoderma. I met Dr.shazia today for my face.she was very cool and explained clearly.she was prescribed some of medicines and face toner and SPF and blood test.I need to use those and need to go again with reports. Hi friends i will keep post my experience with Dr.shazia @Kosmoderma to you all .

– Santhi T(Apr 13, 2016)


6 months before i was not happy the way my face was looking, it had acne all over and scars. It was getting worse day day, one fine day i started to google and found about kosmoderma. I visited the clinic and Dr Aneesh from that time till now my skin is much better and the acne has reduced with the treatment given by Dr Aneesh. I am still under going treatment and hope that everything goes well. Thank you Kosmoderma and wish you give me good results.

– amreen (Jan 30, 2016)


I am very happy with the treatment i am taking at kosmoderma for my skin .feel very comfortable at the lavelle clinic and the friendly staff. Thank Kosmoderma team and Dr Chytra

– Poornima (Jan 27, 2016)


i have been visiting kosmoderma past 1 year for ache treatment. it has been a very good experience. there is a lot of improvement in my skin n no acne any more. the staff n doctors are very helpful n cordial. i would like to visit kosmoderma for all my skin problems. thank you.

– amreen (Nov 10, 2015)


Dropping by Kosmoderma clinic was one of the best things that ever happened! I had quite a bit of hairfall and my skin always looked dull. I then happened to consult Dr. Parinitha for my hair/skin issues and she started off with my PRP and Dermaroller with Growth Factor hair procedures for my hair and Revlite (Laser treatment) for my face. The doctor has been patient and always listened to my problems and addressed them accordingly. After 6 sessions of PRP and Growth Factor, my hairfall has reduced to a great extent* and I also see re-growth. Talking about my face, most of the deep tan and pigmentation on my face has reduced significantly. Dr. Parinitha is quite cognizant and is always accurate about the procedures she performs. She’s one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen Not just the doctor, the whole crew is very sweet and make sure you get the best treatment. Dennis has always been a perfectionist in whatever he does. Daisy and Mallika are always cheerful and manage the appointments very well. They’re quite hospitable. I would recommend this clinic to anybody who has hairfall and skin issues without a second thought. It’s definitely value for money.

– Avinash(Nov 06, 2015)


The treatment of Dr. Pallavi has been very helpful to me. My scars have reduced. Its always a pleasure to visit kosmoderma because of the friendly and courteous staff.

– Vaisakh (Oct 12, 2015)


I am very satisfied with the laser treatment done at Kosmoderma.The results were very good in just 3 sessions.The doctors(Dr Pallavi Reddy and Dr Annapoorna) were very friendly and suggested a skin care regime which showed lot of improvement in my skin. I would definitely recommend Kosmoderma for any skin/laser treatments.

– Sumana (Sep 30, 2015)


I am quite happy with the results after getting hair treatment done at Kosmoderma. My hair fall has reduced quite a bit. I still have a few sessions left but I am already happy with the results. Prior to Kosmoderma, I had visited a couple of other dermatologists in Bangalore but was not at all happy with the treatment as it did not do any good . Also, I would like to thank Dr. Neha who is just not a good doc but at the same time very patient with clients and explains things very well. I would recommend Kosmoderma for hair fall treatment.

– kirti (Aug 17, 2015)


I first visited Kosmoderma on 22 feb ,2015..& today at the end of the whole course I feel a lot of difference in my skin from the day I visited .Acne seems to be in control & there’s a new glow in my skin which brings in a nice feeling.Hope to continue getting such treatments in future too . Renuka has done magic work which has helped me in getting a new charm in my face. Great work Renuka ..keep it up ! Goodluck Kosmoderma .

– Sristy (Jul 21, 2015)


I went through the growth factor + injection and the Limo laser therapy treatments for hair fall control program and within 6-8 weeks I have noticed a considerable difference in the intensity of my hair fall since I started. Also the staff is very helpful and they provide some valuable tips and information for hair and skin maintenance that’s hard to find online. I much recommend the services of Kosmoderma to whoever’s looking for some help regarding hair/skin treatment/consultation.

– Ishan (Jul 18, 2015)


I am undergoing Laser hair removal treatment. While it is too early to see a major difference I can say my interactions with Dr. Neha and all the staff especially Ayesha has been very positive. I would recommend this clinic without hesitation.

– Anupama (Jul 03, 2015)


Kosmoderma is another name of perfection in the field of Derma.Great Services, Experienced Doctor and staff are always present round the clock to monitor your skin and its health. I’ve been now a sincere follower of Kosmoderma as it has looked after me very well.Nowadays where we shell out endless bucks on cosmetics products and services without proper knowledge of the after-effects…Kosmoderma is the name which stands faithfully and has been catering its patients with loads of love and genuine advice in being gorgeous inside-out.. I would like to congratulate Dr.Shazia and team who are a pioneer and her knowledge knew no bounds when it comes to this field.Sensitive, Caring and Patience are the words which limits my favouritism to her. Thank you Doctor, team and the whole group of Kosmoderma for not only taking care of the external beauty but also building the self awareness and confidence to feel and show, the beautiful inside.

– Richa S(Jun 08, 2015)

I had thick hair on my face for a long time and had IPL and other lasers around, 16 sessions with no use. I was told I have hormonal imbalance so I won’t get results after spending so much money. I was depressed as I had to shave my face like a man daily. I came to Kosmoderma as a last resort and after 8 sessions, its been 6 months and I no longer suffer from the problem. I am finally hair free and not worried about what my husband will think as I don’t have to shave like a man anymore.
Thank you Kosmoderma for giving me my freedom & confidence back.

– Deepa


My whole life I had clear skin, suddenly at 22 I had pimples, did many home packs, creams, diets and went to doctors and underwent peels. After 2 years it had become worse, spread to my back and left lots of scars on my face. My parents were looking for boys for marriage and I was very conscious .My appraisal were not going well either as I had client facing job.I found Kosmoderma online and came for a consult. The doctor listened to me, asked me many questions, and then did my 3D analysis, She showed me my skin and explained about how it started and what I must do… After 6 months of treatment, I don’t have any pimples and my marks are almost gone.Dear friends, I am writing this because don’t wait for the pimples to go, treat at start with the right treatment. Then you won’t get scars. I wish I had come to Kosmoderma sooner instead of wasting time.



I had a great experience at Kosmoderma, especially with Dr Chytra and her team. I still remember the first time when I entered into her clinic, very low on self esteem, Skin breaking out like anything. In short I had no hope of recovering at all. But here I am today with far better skin and boosted confidence. The doctors are still working to make it perfect and I hope the day comes soon when I am able to go out with out make up.Cheers to Dr. Chytra & her team at Kosmoderma.

– Shabdaa Rana


My name is Saritha, and I underwent a derma filler procedure to treat the lines around my nose and mouth. The procedure itself was done very well such that I had very little discomfort.I could see the effects immediately, and it made a lot of difference to how I felt about myself. I felt that I looked much younger, and I am really glad I took the decision to have the filler. Others also commented that I looked fresh and relaxed, but could not make out that I had done anything.



I looked up the internet for a good skin clinic and found Kosmoderma. I had acne problem. I am very happy with the progress so far and the result usally shown. Thanks so much.

– Ms. Divya


I had acne and scars on my face and it really reduced my confidence. But Dr. Chytra really helped me. I got excellent result with the derma roller and face laser sessions. I love you guy’s thanks a lot much.

– Ms. Sushmita


I had acne and pigmentation, I came 3 months back and my skin is improving a lot. Basically Kosmoderma doctors and other people are really good and helpful and always respond well on phone also.

– Mr. Nitin


I took treatment for my open pores and acne marks. Dr. Rasya put me onto the Dermaroller pretty satisfied with the treatment; find a lot of changes in my skin after the treatment. Good job by the Kosmoderma team. Thank you.

– Ms. Priya Arvind


I had very severe acne &pores. But dermaroller and fractional laser has given me very good results within a short span of time. My Acne and open pores have reduced a lot. There is around 80% improvement in my skin now. I feel much confident and comfortable than before. Fractional Laser and Dermaroller are very good treatment for acne and provide very good results provided you take care of skin as mentioned by doctors (sunscreen & other Creams) after the treatment.

– Mr. Muthuraj


I am 60 years old. I came with a lot of pigmentation on my skin. Dr. Chytra advised me to go for Glycolic peels, Benefit peels with Melanostop peels. I am very satisfied and my complexion has improved. I have no side effects at all, my pigmentation vanished and my complexion improved.

– Dr. Vijayalakshmi


I looked for treatment for my Aged skin. First the doctor put me on gel peels and she advised me for Microdermabrasion and Retinol peels, then she advised me to undergo Frasel laser. After 2 sessions of skin laser my skin was much improved. My friends and family say that my skin looks 10 – 15 years younger.

– Mrs. Shailja Katti


I am 24 years old software Engineer . I visited Kosmoderma after watching T.V. for sunburn and aging skin. I was put on gel peels and Microdermabrasion. I got lot of changes in 3 sessions. I am very happy and there is a lot of improvement in my skin.

– Mr. Sunay Katti


In just six treatments I lost 7.1 cm off my waistline*. Now I can wear fitted clothes. The treatment was very comfortable and I could see measurable results right away. Four months down the line and the results haven’t changed. I got rid of stubborn fat deposits that I just couldn’t get rid of with exercise. I look and feel great! Kosmoderma team used procedures like Ultralipo, Pollogen RF and Lipodissolve. I never knew I could reduce those inches without surgery. The results are amazing! Thank you Kosmoderma.

– Ms. Neha*


Past from 1 ½ year I am coming to Kosmoderma treatment is really good here doctor’s and the therapist are really good. I have found lots of improvement. I suggested my friends to come to Kosmoderma. Before going to Kosmoderma I went to many top specialists and they were not able to help me. Thanks to Dr. Chytra and her team.



I am coming to Kosmoderma for the treatment of laser hair reduction on my face for the past 2 years from August 2007. The results have been remarkable. I am very happy about the treatment.



I am happy with the colour improvement treatment which I am taking at Kosmoderma Clinics. The Dr’s here enquired about my health conditions and the managers and team explained everything about the number of settings, cost and discounts and she convinced me to take this treatment. They also always do courtesy calls regarding post procedure care.Personally I suggest people who are looking for fairness treatments and groom services to come and start at Kosmoderma Clinics.

– Mr.Balakrishna Reddy


I am really overwhelmed with the service & care provided at Kosmoderma . The Doctors really value our problems and treat us accordingly. I am extremely happy with my treatment results.

-Chandrika Suri


After taking the eye treatment , I have* seen a lot of changes around* my eyes. I feel fresh & bright.Thank you Dr & Kosmoderma.

– Usha Ram

#Disclaimer : Results might vary from person to person