Miraculous Painless Instant Fat Reduction*

UltraLipo is the best solution, if you have not been able to lose body fat, In spite of exercise and diet control. ULTRALIPO SYSTEM, the newest technology that finally gets rid of fat and above all, stubborn cellulite is a painless procedure with instant results*.


It is carried out by exposing fat areas to low frequency ultrasound, thus creating micro bubbles in the fat tissue by the combination of varying pressure and temperature. This shatters the fat cells using ultrasound, leaving the deposits that are finally harmlessly disposed by the body.

Ultrasonic cavitation is very similar to liposuction as concept, but the big difference is that the waste material stays in our body, it is not sucked out. Everything will be eliminated by the lymphatic system, sweating and urinary system. Hence it is important to perform lymphatic drainage massage to help the removal of broken down fat.

The benefits of this procedure are that this is not an aggressive surgery, it requires no downtime and has no side effects. Trials have shown an average shrinkage of 2 cms per session. No damage is caused to any of the other tissue or organs.

The device works by vibrating fat cells at their resonant frequency till the cell walls open. This works very well for persons wanting spot reduction and also in persons whom diet and exercise has not helped much.

There are no risks from infection, scarring or anaesthetic, unlike liposuction, which uses surgery to suck out excess fat. The targeted fat cells are just below the skin having weak membrane, hence are easily broken down by the ultrasounds. The broken fat cells pass into lymph channels and then veins before being processed by the liver. It is then burned off as calories or stored more evenly in the body.

6 sessions are required for ideal results. Each session takes 40 mins, immediately after which the result is seen*. The sessions are spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart depending on the area to be treated. After the procedure a lymphatic drainage massage is performed on the area.

The results of a tummy tuck or thigh or arm reduction can last years if there is no significant weight gain.

The patient is advised to drink lots of water and green tea post procedure for 72 hrs to detox the body.

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