Wrinkle Relaxation

Feel younger than you look? Why not de stress your facial muscles? After all you are de stressing your mind


Wrinkles & Fine lines are first seen in parts of the face that are in constant motion, like Forehead lines, Frown Lines & Crow’s feet. These are dynamic lines. The ideal way to treat them is by relaxing the muscles causing these lines.

In under 15 mins, this can be achieved using a neuro modulator or winkle relaxing solutions

Areas that can be treated:
• Forehead Lines
• Frown Lines
• Eye area / Crows Feet
• Chin
• Neck lines

What is wrinkle relaxing?

Wrinkle relaxing uses a purified protein that temporarily relax the muscles causing the fine lines and wrinkles. The first neuromodulator got approval for cosmetic uses in 1989.

Is it safe?

wrinkle relaxing procedures have been used medically since 1977. Its cosmetic uses have been documented over 20 years in the cosmetic industry.

They have been approved by the FDA for certain cosmetic uses.

What all can wrinkle relaxing do?

Other than reducing Fine lines and Wrinkles, wrinkle relaxing can also help reduce open pores, scars, slim the face and reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)


wrinkle relaxing procedures are medical procedures to be performed by trained medical physicians only. This requires special training so ensure that your doctor is specifically trained for the same.

• There are many unregulated products that are tampered with and cheap, make sure you are getting the original.