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Beard Shaping procedure for a long lasting relief!

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We know how smart the well groomed and rugged the bearded look looks. We know the kind of manliness it fills our menfolks with and we know how dearly they love their beard.

After all it takes significant dedication to wake up early just to shape and groom the beard. As if hair wax wasn't enough of a maintenance, beard waxes are required for the perfect shape of the beard and also so that the beard hair do not go haywire.

Then the weekly or bi-weekly maintenance which includes using beard oil and beard shampoo so that your beard does not lose its charm.

All this, and yet the beard gets itchy because genetically men usually sweat more. Then those, who know how well their beard grows, they know how fast it grows enough to cover the cheeks.

And then, keeping up the groomed up look is such a huge difficulty because every now and then hair grow up- sometimes just on one side, sometimes the moustache gets unevenly big or sometimes it is the side locks that cause trouble.

In such a case, if you feel that regular shaving is the only solution, you are in for a big big surprise because Beard Shaping is a procedure which can give you a long lasting relief!

Beard Shaping, which you can call a relative of the Laser Hair Reduction is a Laser based technique employed for reducing or in some cases totally removing the hair growth in the unwanted areas.

Beard shaping works by first marking the boundaries of the area in the shape you would want your beard to grow. Specific lasers (usually Alma is used @ Kosmoderma) are then used on your face. The heat energy of these laser beams destroys the hair follicles thus inhibiting hair growth.

Thus, for example, if you opt for the shape as given in the cover image of this blog, your hair will not grow or grow scantily beyond the marked boundaries.

The number of sessions required per person would depend on the hair density and the hormonal tendencies. The usual number of sessions for an average person varies from 4 to 8. Maintenance sessions may again be required depending upon the respective hair growth pattern.

We hope this information helped and for any further information, we are just a call or Facebook message away!

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