Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job” or “nose reshaping”, is a common surgical technique which many people undertake to shape their nose as per their facial structure. Rhinoplasty is actually the most followed surgical
procedure owing to its easier accessibility and of course because a nose forms the most prominent part of the facial looks.

About Nose Surgery in Bangalore

Rhinoplasty will be the right pick for you if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Your nose is smaller or larger as compared to the entire facial proportion
  • The size of the nostrils or the nose bridge is not in proportion to the overall nose size
  • The nose bridge has uncharacteristic bumps/depressions
  • The nasal tip is not as per your liking

One more medical and lesser aesthetic reason behind why people go for rhinoplasty is the need to improve upon
the obstructed nasal passage. Medically known as correction of the deviated septum, the process
the airway resulting in easier airflow and breathing.

  • The Ideal Candidate
  • Rhinoplasty recovery

There are no restrictions on who can go for rhinoplasty as it is a mainly cosmetic procedure. So, anyone who wants changes in the way their nose looks can opt for it and for those who have a nasal passage obstruction, rhinoplasty is recommended.

A word of caution however is that your expectations should be realistic. If you are expecting drastic changes in your appearance, then rhinoplasty will not be the “only” thing to go for.

A splint or packing is provided to support the new structure both on the inside as well as outside.

There would be some initial swelling which would subside within the first few weeks. However, if you experience sudden increase in swelling, especially during the day time, you should not really worry because that is a common experience with people who undergo rhinoplasty and does not really spell any trouble. If however, you start experiencing significant discomfort, you should see your cosmetologist on priority.

The nasal contour would take a defined shape gradually over a period of time usually spanning over a year.

The post procedure instructions will be given by the doctor basis your specific requirements. They would mainly include the dos and don’ts in addition to the medical prescription as well as your follow up schedule.

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