What is a Scalp Fraxel Laser?

Scars are depressions in the skin that normally happen after surgical incisions. Hair transplant scars or scars on the scalp because of any injury or mishaps are one of them. For eliminating these scars, fraxel laser treatment is utilised that eliminates harmed skin on a superficial level 

and ventures profound into the skin to stimulate collagen rebuilding. Along these lines, Fraxel treatment works on the flexibility, surface and tone of your harmed skin while keeping healthy tissue, limiting any inconvenience or personal time. 

Scalp Scar Removal

  • How is it better than other Scalp Scar Removal Treatments?
  • How does it work?
  • What results can be seen from Scalp Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Scalp fraxel laser treatments can help in smoothing the scar and decreasing the degree of space or bulge. The scars pre-treated with fraxel are bound to accomplish an elevated degree of concealment than some other medicines

The skin is purified first. Then, at that point, around an hour preceding treatment, an anaesthetic ointment will be applied to the treatment region.It has three degrees of treatment starting with the decrease of scarce differences and other pigmentation upon the outer layer of the skin. A higher level goes a piece further, treating scarring from hair transplantation surgery as well as other minor wounds. Both these techniques address the top layer of the dermis. The third kind expands further, regarding serious instances of hyperpigmentation as firmly seated discolouration.

Excellent outcomes are conceivable whenever applied over various laser sessions. Indeed, even single meetings can give recognizable benefits. Fraxel is best while treating raised, lopsided or finished scars. Indented scars can likewise benefit.

Fraxel can likewise assist with eliminating pigmentation from the skin, so for the hair transplant recipient this implies that an all the more even colour match between the skin and scar tissue is at times conceivable. This method offers practically quick outcomes, and during the accompanying 3 to a half year as the skin keeps on creating new collagen, moderate improvements are frequently seen.

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