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Strengthen & Nourish Hair

Kosmoderma Hair Gen Serum is a unique next-gen formula to strengthen and nourish hair made of biomimetic peptides and ceramides. It helps in reducing hair fall, stimulates hair growth, reduces premature greying while also protecting hair from pollution and environmental damage. Active ingredients such as ceramides, peptides, vitamin E, panthenol and apigenin ensure hair is coated with healthy essential nutrients which protect it from breaking and thinning. The serum is also infused with natural ingredients like sugar cane extract, lemon fruit extract, green tea extract, caffeine, olive oil and betaine that fight dandruff and improve overall hair texture.
The serum can be applied daily on the scalp. For regular hair maintenance use 2ml of the solution and massage for a minute. In the case of hair thinning use 3ml everyday for 4-6 months to see the best results. The serum works most effectively, if it is combined with Kosmo Hair Capsule and Hair Gen Capsule.

For healthy, happy hair!

Hairgen dietary supplement is a unique formula of dietary supplement to strengthen nourish and protect hair. These capsules work like a super-food in nourishing frizzy & brittle hair thus reducing hair fall. Enriched with active ingredients like anagain, saw palmetto, amino acid complex, essential vitamin & mineral complex. Anagain, vitamin & mineral complex increases hair thickness while saw palmetto stops hormonal activity that causes thinning and balding. To reduce hair thinning & regular maintenance takes 2 capsules per day for 6 months. For best results, combine with Hair Gen serum and shampoo.

For All Scalp Types

The Kosmo Hair Gen Shampoo is a special formulation to help tackle hair fall/loss & reactivate hair growth . It has vital ingredients like AnaGain & Caffeine that stimulate the scalp & signal molecules in the dermal papilla that is required to reactivate hair growth. The shampoo contains Niacinamide which is anti inflammatory and helps decrease scalp sensitivity. The lemon extracts in the shampoo help with oil control of the scalp, making it suitable for all scalp types .

It can be used as often as required by both men & women.

Apply & massage into wet scalp, leave on for a minute & smoothen along hair & wash off

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