What is Low Level Laser Therapy ?

Low Level Laser therapy is a technique utilizing lower energy levels of laser light in order to stimulate the internal systems at the target so as to facilitate healing and rejuvenation.

  • What is the science behind Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Who are the ideal patients who benefit from Low level Laser therapy?
  • How long does the treatment take?
  • What results can you expect from Low Level Laser?*
  • When can the results be seen?

Low Level Laser Therapy works by providing short bursts of light energy to the hair follicles. The photons present in these short bursts can easily penetrate into the skin without heating the surface and stimulate the red blood cells. These stimulated cells activate the nutrient generation and oxygen retention properties of the targeted area.
Low Level Laser Therapy is useful not just for hair regrowth but also for treating minor injuries or skin rejuvenation.

Although anyone can go for a Low Level Laser Therapy, yet to experience the best results, one needs to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The hair loss duration should not be exceeding 5 years
  • The bald spots should not be exceeding 4 inches across the head
  • The cause for hair loss should not be genetics
  • The person should not be undergoing any other hair growth treatment
  • The person should not be undergoing Chemotherapy or any other similar medical procedure which results in hair loss
  • The hair loss should not be the result of post-partum symptoms

The treatment involves a usual of 2-3 sessions per week (each session of 20 minutes) for an average of 6 weeks followed by one session per week for the next 3-5 months depending upon the concerned person’s requirements.

The following results can be expected after the treatment:

  • Hair density increases and the texture improves
  • Hair Loss slows down or even stops
  • Hair re-growth becomes faster
  • Scalp dryness or irritation decreases or stops
  • Hair care treatments such as hair spas, henna application etc show better results due to hair cuticle closure

The results are visible by the second or third month after commencement of the treatment

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