Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Body Clinics in Delhi offers a wide variety of services to the people. We are the pioneers in dermatology and have skilled, educated and trained dermatologists. The usage of US FDA approved technology made Kosmoderma a pioneer in India’s aesthetic and cosmetic industries. Kosmoderma was the first clinic in India to use the Soprano ICE laser system’s laser hair removal treatments specifically for Indian skin. The technology that they use is safe, efficient and is customised for Indian skin.

Aesthetic dermatology is an emerging field in science that deals with your beauty and appearance of hair and skin. It makes you appear healthier and boost the essential proteins in the skin. The individuals who are unhappy with the way they look, can undergo aesthetic based treatments for skin and hair.

Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Body Clinics in Delhi

In Delhi, due to high amounts of pollution and other environmental stressors, the skin of people is usually damaged. This leads to early signs of ageing, dark spots and scars. Not only your skin, but hair is also affected. The problem of grey hair and hair fall is more prominent. So, in order to treat these issues, Kosmoderma Clinics helps by providing both invasive and non- invasive treatments.

Skin Treatments

We offer procedures including Cool sculpting, Lipodissolve and UltraLipo for fat reduction and body contouring. Invasive treatments like surgical facelifts, butt augmentation, liposuction and implants are also performed by cosmetic surgeons. Fat freezing procedures use approved technologies to eliminate extra fat from your body by breaking down fat cells. Abdomen, inner & outer thighs, chin, upper arm, under the buttock, bra fat and flanks are some of the areas where this treatment can be done.

If your skin is prone to acne and its related scars, Kosmoderma provides skin lightening treatments as well. Along with this, sun damage, skin toning, dark circles, lip filling, and medi- facial treatments are also given to individuals according to their skin type. You can even regrow your hair with our hair transplantation treatment. This is a surgical method where hair follicles are attached to the affected area. This method is also useful for people who want to restore the hair on chest, beard and eyebrows due to a serious accident.

In Delhi, Kosmoderma Clinics is regarded as one of the best dermatology clinics with experienced and highly qualified doctors. Dr. Chytra V. Anand is an aesthetic specialist and provides training to other professionals regarding aesthetic treatments. She is the founder of Kosmoderma chain and looks at each individual’s concern in detail. The team of doctors had undergone extensive training in advanced hair and skin therapies. They upgrade their skills from time to time and stay updated with the latest technologies used in the aesthetic industry.

We believe in providing best outcomes to our clients by using advanced and patented techniques. The team of skin specialists also regularly attend conferences and other training programs to improve their skills. People looking for the best dermatologist in Delhi, Kosmoderma is the best option.

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