Buttock augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift is the surgical procedure which involves use of fat transfer technique, buttock implants or a combination of both to increase the size or even out the shape of the buttocks.

Buttock augmentation is primarily a cosmetic procedure having little or no medical significance.

Buttock Lift Surgery

  • The Ideal Candidate
  • The Results and the Risks
  • Post Procedure Recovery
Just like other surgical cosmetic procedures, buttock augmentation has no restrictions. Any person who wants any kind of improvement in their butt shape or size can consider undergoing buttock augmentation.

If you undergo buttock augmentation by implantation, the results will be noticeable in about three months from the surgery. The buttocks usually have swelling after the implementation which is a default reaction of the body against the foreign object thus implanted. This swelling is harmless and usually goes away in about one to two months.

If however, you have opted for fat grafting for the augmentation, you will be asked to avoid prolonged sitting and also sleep with your face down. The duration for the results to show up will be gradual and will show over a span of four to five months.
In case of fat grafting, you will have to be specifically cautious about your fat gain and loss for that may mar the effectiveness of the graft.
Hence, it is important that you stick with the exercise regimen that your doctor suggests.

A few hours of rest and you would be able to go home. The surgeon would however prescribe you certain specialized clothings for support which you would have to wear all the time as suggested.
Details about medication and daily hygiene and care would also be shared with you. It is important that you stick to the follow up schedule as shared by your cosmetologist to avoid any complications or awry results.
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