What are keloids?

When the skin is damaged, to heal and protect the injury, fibrous tissue called scar tissue grows around the wound. Extra scar tissue develops in some cases, forming smooth, hard growths called keloids. Keloids may be considerably larger than the initial wound. They’re most commonly found on the chest, elbows, earlobes, and cheeks. Keloids, however, can impact any portion of the body. While keloids are not harmful to your health, cosmetic issues may be developed.

  • What are the symptoms of keloids?
  • What are some significant causes of keloids?
  • Some DIY remedies for keloids

Keloids come from scar tissue overgrowth. The scars of the Keloid appear to be greater than the initial wound itself. It can take weeks or months for them to develop fully.

Keloid symptoms can include:

  • A localized flesh-colored, pink, or red region
  • A lumpy or ridged skin area that is typically elevated
  • A region that tends to grow larger over time with scar tissue
  • An itchy skin patch

Though keloid scars may be itchy, they are typically not harmful to your health. Your clothing or other friction types can cause you to feel pain, tenderness, or potential irritation. On wide areas of your body, keloid scarring may form, but this is usually uncommon. The hardened, tight scar tissue can limit movement when it occurs.

Main contributors of keloid scarring include-

  • acne scars
  • burns
  • chickenpox scars
  • ear piercing
  • scratches
  • surgical incision sites
  • surgical incision sites

Keloids tend to have a genetic reason behind them too, which means that you are more likely to have keloids if you have one or both of your parents with the tendency. An estimated 10% of people experience keloid scarring. Men, more than women, are likely to have keloid scars. People with darker skin tones are more likely to have keloids.

The decision to treat a keloid may be a tricky one. Keloid scarring is the result of an attempt by the body to repair itself. Once the keloid is removed, the scar tissue may grow back again and sometimes grows back more extensively than before.

Try considering at-home treatments before any medical procedures. Moisturizing oils, which are available online, can help keep the tissue soft. They could help reduce the size of the scar without making it worse. Keloids tend to shrink and become more flatter over time, even without treatment.

At first, the doctor will recommend less invasive treatments, such as silicone pads, pressure dressings, or injections, especially if the keloid scar is a relatively new one. These treatments require a frequent and careful application to be effective, taking at least three months to work.

Keloid Removal Treatment in Bangalore at Kosmoderma

While a host of home remedies for keloids is useful, you might consider a dedicated keloid treatment if the situation persists. At Kosmoderma, we offer you first-class keloid treatment in Bangalore. The common keloid treatment in Bangalore include-

  1. Keloid surgery- Surgical removal may be recommended in ear lobe keloids. The rate of return for keloid scarring after surgery may be high. However, the benefits of removing a large keloid may outweigh the risk of post-surgery scarring. Cryosurgery may be the most effective type of surgery for keloids. Also called cryotherapy, the process works by nearly “freezing” liquid nitrogen from the keloid. The doctor may also recommend injections of corticosteroids after surgery to reduce inflammation and reduce keloid recurrence risk.
  2. Laser treatment- The doctor may recommend laser treatment for certain scars (including some keloids). This treatment resurfaces the keloid and surrounding skin with high light beams to create a smoother, more toned appearance. There is a risk; that laser therapy may make your keloids worse by causing increased scarring and redness. While these side effects are sometimes better than the original scar, you may still expect some form of scarring to occur. Laser treatment is used for other types of skin scarring, all of which have similar benefits and risks.
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