Kosmoderma maintains a team of the most skilled and proficient dermatologists in Indiranagar. The dermatologists in the clinic deal with people who come for both medical treatments as well as for aesthetic needs, giving a one-stop location to the people. Our dermatologists have more than 10 years of experience in aesthetic treatments. Their knowledge and experience enables them to perform suitable procedures that are cost- effective and provide excellent results.

Best Skin Clinic for Cosmetic Treatments

Dermatology as a science concentrates on treating skin and hair issues. But nowadays, it also emphasises on enhancing the appearance of skin, body and hair. It also aims in protecting, restoring and maintaining the health of skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it suffers from wear and tear with time. For instance, exposure from sun, pollution and other environmental stressors causes skin damage from time to time.

Dr. Chytra V. Anand, our leading dermatologist and founder of Kosmoderma has been practising for more than decade, and has observed how people have become more conscious of their skin. Therefore, she along with other dermatologists treat various concerns of the individuals. For example: injecting dermal fillers and botox injections in the skin. These injectables are injected on soft tissues like lips, cheeks and other parts of skin. Some of the fillers add volume to the area and others fill in the area where wrinkles are present.

Other concerns that get treated at Kosmoderma Clinics in Indiranagar include acne scars, detan & lightening, coolsculpting, laser hair removal, anti- ageing, hair transplantation and many more. The laser treatment uses specialised laser beams that target the concerned body area. It includes hair removal by targeting the hair follicles to reduce hair growth. The lasers also target deep into the skin by removing acne scars. Lasers also remove tattoos by breaking the pigment into particles. These are then naturally removed from the body through the lymphatic system. Laser treatment also burns the fat tissues, thus reducing fats.

We have seen how aesthetic dermatology strives to treat skin and hair concerns in a way that makes people look healthier. It builds self- perception and self- confidence among individuals who are self- conscious about how they look. In Indiranagar, Kosmoderma Clinics is considered as the Best Dermatology Clinics with a team of exceptionally skilled and experienced dermatologists. These skin specialists receive thorough training and are constantly encouraged to conduct research in the area of cosmetic dermatology for the benefit of our clients. All our dermatologists are members of esteemed organisations and societies that work for the welfare of people.

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