Kosmoderma skin, hair and body clinics in Lavelle Road offers a wide range of aesthetic skin, hair, and body services. Our team has qualified, talented and trained professionals to treat all your skin concerns and also create treatment regimens according to each client’s skin type. The experience of our dermatologists enable the clients towards appropriate procedures that are cost- effective and yield excellent results

Kosmoderma Skin And Hair Clinics Lavelle Road

Aesthetic dermatology is intended to improve a patient’s look by treating skin, hair and body. It reduces or eliminates the imperfections particularly related to the face and hair. It is used to improve self- perception and self- esteem of an individual.

People who live in or near-by area of Lavelle Road can consult best dermatologists at Kosmoderma Clinics. Our dermatologists perform both invasive and non- invasive procedures by treating every concern of the client. Dr. Chytra V Anand is our leading dermatologist and the founder of Kosmoderma clinic chain.

Kosmoderma is the market leader in the dermatology field that uses US FDA approved technology. Over the decade, Kosmoderma is bringing new, safe and effective technology day-by-day. In all services, we deliver outcomes while upholding strict international standards.

Our skin may develop signs of ageing and it requires rejuvenation treatment from time-to-time. Our skin needs to be protected from the effects of pollution and sun damage. Due to excessive sun exposure, our skin break- downs the collagen and elastin proteins. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo special treatments so as to maintain the health of our skin.

Kosmoderma offers botox injections that are used to treat forehead lines, crow’s feet (wrinkles around eyes) and other parts of the face. Dermal fillers are the other treatment option for those who want to restore the volume of cheeks and lips. We also provide laser treatment for tattoo removal and hair removal by treating the affected area with the laser of varied wavelengths. Chemical peeling is another procedure that uses special substances to exfoliate the skin.

The main specialists at Kosmoderma include acne scar removal procedure, skin rejuvenation with photo facials and laser skin toning. Hair fall treatments like stem cell therapy, QR678 and PRP therapy are also provided by Kosmoderma. The skin maintenance treatments like medi facials, complexion boosters and infusion therapy are also available here.

Kosmoderma is one of the designated clinics where not only common people come, but also renowned celebrities, politicians and industrialists visit for their treatment. Our experienced dermatologists regularly stay updated with the latest technology and have made Kosmoderma the best Dermatology centre of India.

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