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Now how is that possible- well, that is what this blog is for.

Understanding The Principle behind Skin Lightening

There are two major reasons which cause skin darkening:

  • Melanin deposition due to either genetics or sun damage
  • Frictional abrasions resulting from day to day activities such as harsh rubbing across the face by face towels, handkerchief or even bare hands to wipe the sweat off

Taking the first reason, melanin deposition happens at the layers below the epidermis. (Epidermis, is the top most skin layer or the layer which we see). This deposition gives a dark color to the top most layer.

Frictional deposition on the other hand darkens the skin cells by damaging them. As long as the collagen boosts are enough to fight this damage, the skin color doesn’t darken but once that starts getting affected too, the result is a dull damaged skin which first appears red but over time turn dark brown or black on account of damage and frictional heat.

Where does the Solution Lie?

Needless to say the solution lies in repairing the skin and removing the melanin deposition and since both of these happen below the skin at the dermal levels, the solution has to come from there too.

An important point to note is that if the body has a tendency to deposit melanin, it will continue doing so and hence not just melanin removal but also preventing the melanin deposition will play a great role in the provision of an effective long lasting solution.

The biggest breakthrough in providing the near permanent solution for skin lightening is the usage of Glutathione or Kojic Acid based supplements.

Glutathione injections coupled with Glutathione shots and Kojic acid based maintenance creams have been known to provide the best results for someone who wants to go for full body skin lightening.

(For anyone concerned only about facial skin lightening, Lasers are the answer)

How do skin creams work?

Skin creams work mostly at the surface and in cases where Kojic or Hyaluronic acids are being used, there is limited seepage into the sub epidermal layers.

The quantity that seeps into the lower layers isn’t enough to remove or restrict the melanin deposition and if any effect shows then it is over a considerable duration of time.

The creams which show results, work actually as a bleaching agent by lightening the skin tan and are more of an immediate gratification than a long lasting solution.

How can the creams be effective then, if at all they are?

Like we had mentioned before, skin lightening creams are effective but only if used for maintenance purpose. They can prevent the damage and provide a level one barrier for a well maintained and already treated skin but that is that.

To expect that they would actually solve the purpose would be nothing but a fallacy.

We hope that we could clear out why skin lightening creams shouldn’t be the answer if you are considering skin lightening seriously.

To know more about the other actually effective treatments, you can always browse through the website.


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