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5 nutritional superstars that can bring back that glow & flush into your skin

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Food we eat, from fruits to vegetables with wrinkle-fighting antioxidants to hydrating fish fats, can make a huge difference to our skin in almost the same way as it does to our waistline. We may not realize it, but foods we keep in our kitchen play a key role in keeping our skin bright, soft, glowing and smooth, perhaps more than the lotions in our dresser.

Most dermatologists will agree that a balanced diet and good nutrition is the basic buildingblock for healthy skin. A perfect recipe for radiant complexion begins with a complete diet comprising of enough protein, healthy fats, plenty of veggies and fruits. You will also require some power food to feed the skin in a special way. Nutritional superstars act as a bonus doing wonders for your body by building brainpower, improving sleep, lowering cholesterol and a lot more.

Here are 5 nutritional superstars that can bring back that glow & flush into your skin.


Perhaps the most talked about and common fruit, apple is a great way to keep yourskin glowing. There are health benefits of including apple in your diet as antioxidants are great for your body along with your skin.


Beetroots are an excellent addition to your regular diet and can be easily added in your daily salad. Along with being a powerful antioxidant, it is also a very rich source of anthocyanins which help to slow down the development of wrinkles. Beetroots help keep the skin pink and radiant.


Beta carotene which converts into vitamin A is available in abundance in carrot and in fact you can make it a must eat daily vegetable. It not only eliminates dullness but also enhances the skin and combats wrinkles.

Pumpkin seeds

Want to brighten your complexion? Pumpkin seeds are sure to help. These tiny elements are full of zinc that facilitates the production of new skin cells. They have the ability to augment skin tone and manage oil production in our skin keeping it supple and soft.

Olive oil

With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties olive oil not just benefits uson the inside but also softens the skin. If we use it topically it results in radiant and smoother skin. Other than including olive oil in your diet, you can use it as lip gloss and as a skin soother for rough patches like knees and elbows especially if you have dry skin. You can eat it or wear it!.

Not just to achieve an energetic skin glow but a good diet also endorses fitness and overall health. Rather than just concentrating on some particular foods for glowing skin you can enjoy a balanced and healthy diet in general. It always helps to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits with low-fat dairy products. Make sure you have seeds, beans and nuts in your daily diet. Include whole-grain breads and limit the intake of sweets. Last but not the least and the most important step is to make sure you drink plenty of water, minimum of three to five litres a day. Water helps to keep your skin hydrated as dehydrated skin can result in wrinkles and fine lines. Water is also essential to flush out unwanted toxins from the body and to give you a healty, glowing skin.

Try combining healthy foods, plenty of water with a lot of exercise, fresh air and a proper skin care routine and see the difference it can make!!!

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