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Excess Sweating Treatments

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We talked about some home based DIY in our last blog addressing the sweating concerns. Going by the responses that we received, we understand that the effects were, as we had mentioned earlier too-temporary and of course limited.

Hence, in this blog we bring forth the treatments that actually work in the increasing order of their effectiveness.


Commonly available in the market, the most effective of the anti-perspirants works by creating a sweat plug due to the presence of aluminium content in them. Antiperspirants are best used as a temporary solution because blocking perspiration regularly isn’t the right thing to do.

The over the counter products work for most but in case you still face excess perspiration issues, consult your dermatologist.


This procedure involves dipping your hands and legs in medicated solution for longer durations to release the body toxins. Research is still on to understand how osmosis/reverse-osmosis in this case releases the toxins but the results have been seen in case of mild perspirational issues.

However, there are no theoretical experiments backing this procedure effectiveness. The defined effectiveness has been totally experience based.

Botulinum Toxins

The most effective non-surgical procedure available. Botulinum toxins if injected in the right amount and at the right place help in almost curbing the issue for a really long duration. In some cases however, booster doses may be required.

The toxin works by paralysing the sweat glands so that excess sweat isn’t produced.

The catch however is that one has to take the injectible from a trained doctor only because any variation in quantity may be lethal and any wrong application may render the treatment totally ineffective.

Surgical Procedures

Recommended only for extreme cases where the patient does not respond to Botulinum toxins too. In this procedure known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS), the surgeon makes an incision on the nerve of the sweat glands. This procedure is very effective but almost all cases face the side effect of compensatory sweating where the body stops sweating at the designated place but to compensate for it, starts sweating at another location.

Other than these, the doctors may also prescribe anticholinergic drugs to stop the activation of sweat glands and help with reducing the excess sweating.

We hope that this blog will give you enough insights to choose the treatment that would suit you most.

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