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Facial Yoga to bring glow & tone our facial muscles

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We write "seldom" because mostly when we think of exercises, it is about reducing the flabs and getting the toned physique. But when it comes to getting a toned face- well it becomes all about crash dieting- a process which results in us losing our natural glow.

This blog is about getting that toned face, actually not just toned but a glowing healthy face too! Read on to know more:

Fish Lips

  • Suck in your cheeks like a fish, with your lips pursed.
  • With your lips still pursed, smile as hard as you can. Make sure you do not strain your eyes in the process
  • Hold on to the pose for 10 seconds.
  • Relax.
  • Repeat the process three times.

Forehead Smoother

  • Make a fist with both hands. Place the middle and index finger knuckles in the center of your forehead and apply firm pressure.
  • Maintain the pressure as you slowly slide your fists out to each side.
  • End by gently pressing your knuckles into your temples.
  • Repeat four more times.

Neck Lift

  • Make a pout, turn your neck and lift it up enough to stretch.
  • While stretching, make sure that the angle is around 45 degrees. You will feel slight stretch on your neck which is the crucial part of this exercise
  • Hold on to the pose for three seconds.
  • Repeat the same exercise by turning your neck to the other side
  • Repeat the entire procedure 3 more times

Face Lift

  • Place both palms on your temples.
  • Push your hands up in anticlockwise motion to stretch the cheeks
  • Parallely, open your mouth as long as you can and keep it like that.
  • Hold this pose for five seconds.
  • Repeat two more times.

Just remember, these are exercises and hence will take time to show results. Do them regularly and with dedication, the results will be faster and of course long lasting!

Try these out and we would love to see your before and after pics!

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