Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Hair everywhere, but not where it’s needed?

Kosmoderma can solve both your concerns.

It’s Dad’s day soon. So time to treat him to the things he may not buy himself. Men need pampering just  as much as ladies do – some of them just don’t know it yet! This month at Kosmoderma, just in time for  Father’s Day, we are focusing on Dads – and the men in our lives.
Over the years, the Father”s Day gift has become synonymous with the impersonal and the uninspiring — the tie, the watch or the bottle of perfume to add to the unopened collection. We have come up with a  new answer to the annual question: What can I get my dad/husband for Father”s Day that is not a tie,  nor a watch, nor perfumes?
Now, this isn”t as dreary as it might sound. When’s better time than now to help enhance the looks of the special man in your life. Whether it’s your husband, your dad, or even a friend that you’re honoring,  all men deserve to look great.
Get rid of unwanted hair painlessly  A gift card for Laser Hair Removal is the great gift for Father’s Day.
You can help dad get started on  eliminating all of that unwanted hair in a safe, comfortable environment. Treat hair fall / hair loss & look years younger
Did you know that 65% of men will suffer from thinning hair or some degree of hair loss? Did you also  know that there are ways that much of this can be slowed down and even stopped, in other words we can treat many cases of thinning hair with hair fall treatments at Kosmoderma.

Bald is not beautiful!

Bald isn’t considered beautiful. Don”t let it get worse! Regain your hair back.
A hair transplant can transform a man”s life. Many women are treating their balding fellas to the ultimate Father”s Day gift.
Celebrate Father’s Day at Kosmoderma . Enjoy 20% OFF on Laser Hair Reduction & Hairfall Treatment