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Beauty food to make skin more supple & beautiful

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  • Walnut is one “beauty fat” that can help to make your skin more supple and beautiful, while also lubricating your joints and strengthening your cell membranes against oxidative damage. Walnuts themselves are filled with healthy omega-3s which can help to strengthen your skin and make it more resilient. Beauty fats, like walnut meat, can also tackle issues like age spots, sagging skin and thinning hair that can significantly add years to your appearance.
  • Sunflower seeds, have another beauty fat that helps to eliminate the free radicals that cause cellular damage, which can lead to age spots. Sunflower seeds are one of the richest sources of vitamin E, which can help to eliminate pre-existing age spots and also prevent them from forming.
  • Sesame seeds, which are high in protein are loaded with zinc and calcium. It nourishes the hair follicle and prevent hair from thinning out. These proteins help keep your hair hydrated so it won’t dry up and cause hair loss.
  • Beets can help brighten dull eyes and flush your lymphatic system. Beets are high in iron and contain the antioxidant betacyanin, which supports liver and lymphatic health.
    Beets are a beauty food because they are a natural colon cleanser that can remove toxins and congestion from the body, including in the capillaries traveling to the eye. They can also increase oxygen-carrying ability in the blood by 400 percent!
  • Cabbage can help get rid of crow’s feet, which are a sign that you may have high cortisol levels. High cortisol can cause the skin to break down faster and wrinkles to appear.
  • Citrus fruit: Another beauty food you can fight cellulite with is with citrus fruit. Citrus fruit provides a boost of vitamin C, which can help to repair skin collagen and prevent cellulite from being so visible.

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