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Some Laser Resurfacing related Facts and Fictions for you!

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Fiction: All Laser Treatments are the Same
As was mentioned earlier, though Laser Treatments can be used for treating a variety of concerns, yet their principles can be significantly different.

Also, the lasers used for various skin types have properties specific to that particular skin type. That is the reason why a thorough skin examination is required before the doctor refers a laser treatment to you.

Laser Facial Treatments for example, are quick and require almost no downtime. They are not very intense and don’t require any anesthesia. In contrast, Fraxel lasers tend to go a little deeper. Depending on the type of Fraxel laser a patient chooses, downtime can be anywhere from a day or two to a full week. Some laser treatments focus on specific issues. For example, a laser facial with Levulan is recommended to patients who have acne or other lesions. People suffering from spider veins might choose a laser treatment designed to help the veins fade from view.

Fact: Laser Resurfacing Can Be Combined with Other Treatments
Just like any other treatment, Laser Resurfacing treatments can also be combined with others to improve upon the effectiveness. For example, chemical peels and laser scar removal work best for hyperpigmentation, medifacials and lasers work for open pore treatments etc.

Also, many people combine laser treatments with facelifts, botox or fillers to not just get their wrinkles treated but also have a rejuvenated skin. This is because the latter treatments, while they treat signs of ageing, do not really help in rejuvenating the skin.

Fiction: You Won’t Need Any Downtime After a Laser Treatment
Laser treatments usually have a shorter recovery period as compared to other skin treatments but that doesn’t mean that they do not have any downtime at all.
The downtime can be as short as a few hours but it still exists. Also, like was mentioned above, treatments such as those done with Fraxel laser may involve a comparatively longer downtime which might span over a few days too.
This is because laser treatments are ablative in nature i.e. they damage the cells to facilitate regeneration. However, it is this very reason that also makes the results more pronounced compared to other treatments.

Fact: Laser Resurfacing Treats a Variety of Concerns
Laser Treatments are definitely useful for a variety of concerns such as acne, hair removal, skin lightening, pore size reduction, hyperpigmentation etc. The details of each of these are mentioned under the Laser Treatment section of the website already.

In most cases, other than Laser Hair Removal of course, Laser Treatments work by stimulating collagen production in order to expedite skin healing and rejuvenation. Another principle on which Laser resurfacing works is by boosting exfoliation and increasing the cell turnover. This principle commonly forms the basis for treating hyperpigmentation where the Laser essentially destroys the damaged skin cells causing the scars to fade away and lead way for new cell generation.

Fiction: Laser Treatments Replace Surgery
A laser treatment can be used as an add on for improved results but it can never replace plastic surgery- at least not till any significant scientific advancements get made.

Surgical procedures such as facelifts, skin sags etc can only be done by abrasions or injections of substances. Lasers on the other hand involve damaging cells for recuperation or treatment- a purpose which limits the usage to maintenance as against the surgeries.

We hope that this fact and fiction list helped you people to get a clearer understanding.
In case you want to read things in detail, the website is your playground.

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