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Genetic, hormonal, and environmental aspects of baldness

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There are so many things to worry about when it comes to ageing and unfortunately your once thick and lustrous hair is one of them. Strong, healthy hair looks vibrant and shiny and a good crop of hair can take years off your appearance by making you look younger and fresher. But like anything else hair also requires constant maintenance so that you can look young forever.

With all of the genetic, hormonal, and environmental aspects of baldness, pinpointing a specific cause ofhair loss is hard to determine.

Here are a few common myths that a majority of hair loss sufferers attribute their baldness to-

Myth: Losing hair every day means you’re balding.
Fact: It’s normal to lose as many as 100 hairs a day. But if you are losing more hair than normal then it is advised to consult a dermatologist.

Myth: Smoothening or straightening can cause hair loss.
Fact: Hair care products don’t cause hair loss. However, if you notice that you are losing too much hair, it is better to go slow on such treatments as it can aggravate hair fall.

Myth: Hats Can Cause Baldness.
Fact: Hats do not cause hair loss in any way or form unless it’s too tight & breaks your hair every time you put it on & take it off.

Myth: Washing your hair too much can cause thinning.
Fact: you’re never too young to start losing your hair. If you’re genetically predisposed, it can hit as early as in your teens. But keep a look out. Hair thinning is chronic and progressive, so the sooner you treat it,the better.

Myth: Smoothening or straightening can cause hair loss.
Fact: There’s no need to fear the shampoo bottle. You’re just cleansing the scalp, and that’s not going to affect the root. As for the strands on the shower floor, they’ve likely come to the end of their natural cycle anyway. So unless you’re breaking strands by raking a comb or brush through wet hair, the washing process is only getting rid of the stuff that’s already come loose from your scalp.

Myth: Birth control / hormones make your hair fall out.
Fact: Unfortunately, this one is half true. Women genetically prone to hair loss have follicles that are more sensitive to androgens, hormones responsible for male traits and reproductive health. So if the type of birth control you’re using is heavy in progesterone, a hormone that easily converts to androgen, it can trigger hair loss. But not all contraceptives have the same chemical makeup. If you have particular concerns about hair thinning, ask for a birth control option whose progestin don’t have potentially loss-triggering androgenic effects.

Myth: You Can Grow Back Dead Follicles.
Fact: Medications or laser therapy, for example, can help hair follicles grow thicker and healthier, but once the follicle is dead and gone, the only option for regrowth is a hair transplant.

Myth: There is nothing you can do to treat or prevent hair loss.
Fact: Not anymore. Science has advanced so much that we no longer have to live with hair loss. While there is no “miracle cure” there are certainly many treatments like government-approved drugs, laser therapy procedures or hair transplants.

At Kosmoderma, our team of specialists takes it to the next level of therapy by offering personalized hair care and treatments based on your genetic profile and hair structure.

Kosmo Hair*
A nutrition supplement with Vitamin B, vitamin D, zinc, iron, folic acid and protein is important for hair growth and to prevent hair fall.

KosmoGenesis Hair Serum*
Customized based on your genetic and hair profile.

Growth factor Scalp Infusions*
Growth factor infusions once in 4 weeks will maintain the hair nutrition, thickness and shine. This can prevent hair thinning and hair fall in the long run.

Hair Transplant*
There are various methods of hair transplant. It’s important to choose the method that is best suited to your hair and scalp condition and combined with genetic care, the results are spot on.

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