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How does food affect nails? | Kosmoderma

Having weak fingernails and toenails are symptoms of brittle nails.

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Having brittle nails causes the nail to chip, crack, split and break off easily, which may, at times, cause injury to the nail bed and may also result in damage* to the nails or stunted nail growth. Thinning of the nails happens with anaemia, thyroid disorders, protein deficiency in crash-dieters and at times mere negligence.

People of any age can have brittle nail. Following the simple steps can cure and prevent you from having brittle nails.

Practice good nutrition
Studies have shown that adequate vitamin C, pyridoxine, and iron levels help to prevent the appearance of dry, brittle nails.

Use Biotin as a supplement
Studies show that using biotin helps in curing brittle nails. The recommended dosage is 2.5 milligrams per day. You need to wait for three months to see improvement.

Horsetail Herb
Drink fresh horsetail tea once or twice a day. Horsetail herb is naturally high in silicon, an element required for strong, healthy nail growth.

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