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Thread lifts and Anti-ageing for tissue tightening

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We keep telling about how effective thread lifts are for tissue tightening and how they are the more advanced versions of face lift.

This blog is on the same lines but a little more advanced because it will tell you about the various thread types at use.

The logic behind curating this blog- well, like always, it will help you know the procedure better so that when you go for it, you can have a more informed discussion with your surgeon.

So, here we go:

Mono Threads

Mono Threads

Mono threads are a type of single PDO (Polydioxanone ) filament. They are smooth in texture and do not have any barbs which makes them minimally invasive.

Often inserted into the skin in a mesh-like pattern for achieving maximum tightening, mono threads are very effective at tissue tightening but have little or no effect as far as face lift is concerned. To give the lifting effect, mono threads are usually combined with cog threads.

After entering the skin, mono threads activate collagen generation which not only tightens the skin but also rejuvenates it.

Mono threads can treat neck sags, forehead lines and facial wrinkles.

Cog Threads

Cog Threads

Cog threads are similar to mono threads with the addition of barbs that attach to the underside of the skin providing enough support for lifting the skin tissues too.

Cog threads can be used individually or in combination with mono threads to enhance the latter’s utility in order to not just firm up the skin tissues but also lift them.

Cog threads can be used to create a slimmer face by lifting the jawline sag, eyebrow sag or nose sag.

Screw Threads

Screw Threads

Screw Threads are used to give a more voluminous look to the face by creating V-shapes. The V-shape lift reverses the sunken areas

A non surgical thread lift can thus be given. When two threads are intertwined, the method is known as a “multi screw”.


That being said, the results of these thread lifts last anywhere between 18 to 24 months.

We hope that the information was enough for you but should you wish to know more, we are just a phone call or email away.


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