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When it comes to skin products, we need to understand the difference between medical graded products from cosmetic products. As the skin is protected by the acid mantle, most of the ingredients in a cosmetic range are blocked from entering the living layers of the skin, thus being ineffective. For effectiveness, the active ingredients must be able to penetrate the acid mantle and reach the living layers of the skin. Only Medical ranges can achieve this. Many beauty products- which often sell at a high retail price- come with claims that the product is based on advanced scientific research, giving consumers the wrong impression that they are as effective- and as tested- as medical range. Cosmetics are not required to undergo the clinical trials for efficacy to which medical products are subjected because cosmetics are not primarily about science, but about the age-old promise of beauty. These products are generally made for all skin types & cannot give individual results.

The benefit of Medical products is product strength, research and clinical trials that it undergoes, ability to give targeted treatments and depending on skin type, the results are instant. KosmoCare is a Medical range built on this fundamental understanding to deliver the results you want. So it’s a good idea to consult your dermatologist even for your home care regimen to keep your skin young, radiant and flawless.

Make your skin flawless with our treatment-specific products that are excellent for skin aging, hyper pigmentation, acne, dry skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, sun damage etc. We also have Kosmocare glow mask, sunscreen and anti-oxidant capsules that helps with overall health of the skin.

Basic Summer Kit

Kosmoderma’s basic summer kit includes everything that you need to keep your skin radiating. Right from the pH balanced cleanser to both internal & external sun protection along with DeTan will guard your skin from the scorching heat.

KosmoGlow– An internal Sun Protection!! Antioxidant Supplement.
KosmoGlow is an antioxidant supplement that almost works as an internal sun screen for your body. It is a product that can prolong and even make some skin reversals of damage that will take years off without much cost & can give you that ever glowing skin you always crave for.*

KosmoCleanser A MultiCleanser
Kosmocare cleanser is a multi- cleanser because it thoroughly cleanses, hydrates and also protects the skin. It has a unique formula that is suitable for all skin types & conditions. Because it is pH balanced, it protects the acid mental layer of the skin that in turn protects the skin from sun damage and dehydration.

Detan Body Lotion– An absolute damage repair.
Detan face & body lotion is formulated with AHAs to help relieve rough, dry and environmentally damaged skin. Repeated use may reduce the appearance of pigmentation, in- grown hair, fine lines and wrinkles. It even lightens the skin tone!*

Daily Sun Shield– Sun Damage… No More…
Kosmocare Daily Sun Shield- SPF 30 with UVA/UVB protection is one of the keys to radiant, youthful- looking skin. By reducing your daily sun exposure, sunscreen allows your skin time to heal and your immune system the chance to repair some existing damage.

Advanced Summer Kit

Apart from all the necessary basic products, this kit also includes SkinBrite Serum & SkinBrite Cream to give your skin that extra boost of whitening / brightening with Licorice and Vitamin C and combat the effects of melanin synthesis to reduce pigmentation.*

Kosmoglow– An internal Sun Protection!!

KosmoCleanser A MultiCleanser

Detan Body Lotion An absolute damage repair

Daily Sun Shield Sun Damage… No More…

SkinBrite Serum Even out
Kosmocare SkinBrite Serum is whitening / brightening solution with Licorice and Vitamin C that lightens & brightens the skin tone and gives miraculous results on pigmented skin.*

SkinBrite Cream QuickGlow
Kosmocare SkinBrite is one of the most effective hydroquinone free whitening products on the market today that combines 4 active ingredients to combat the effects of melano synthesis. It is a non?abrasive cream with enough power to experience results in only 2 weeks.*

Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Lasers Clinics are dedicated to medical excellence in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology with international accreditation and facilities.
We offer scientifically proven treatments using US FDA approved technology. All our products have undergone extensive research and trials in USA, Europe and India. We pride ourselves in offering safe, effective and affordable treatments with high standards of quality. Kosmoderma gives personalized consults with skin care and uses facial analyzer and 3D imaging of the skin to analyze and personalize the treatments and skin regimen.

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