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A number of us do and may even feel that there can be no win-win situation, but that is not true. When discussing the after effects of a workout, many talk about how they are getting awkward boils or are losing hair and more. But this can't become a reason to discontinue workouts! In case you are also facing such issues here are some suggestions on how to manage your hair and skin post an exercise session.

Skin care

Let us begin with skin care. You must totally avoid wiping sweat with your hands as dirt transferred can lead to acne or boils. It is good to carry a clean napkin or wet wipes instead. A mild face wipe is best as it keeps the skin supple. Sweat is excellent for skin as it helps get rid of toxins that clog skin pores and result in blemishes. Real cleansing is the answer to remove toxins from the skin surface. Facial wipes eliminate some of the oil and grime but cold water and cleanser are the best, as they also help in calming the flush.

It is advised to wash your face with a mild face wash and shower with normal to cold water as warm or hot water tends to take away the natural oils from our body leaving the skin itchy and dry. Scrub should never be used after working out and you must apply a liberal quantity of face as well as body moisturizer. It is possible that you will develop face and back acne, boils, friction burns or even fungal infections if you don’t take a shower just after an exercise session or don’t change your gym gear.

All makeup must be removed before you start your work out session. Make up can clog skin pores which can again lead to acne. It is a good idea to clean your face before gym even when you are not wearing any makeup. Apply sunscreen with proper UVA and UVB protection when exercising outdoors.

Hair care

You don’t have to wash your hair every day after a workout. This is a very common mistake many of us make, as exercising tends to build up sweat making the scalp feel grimy. Nevertheless shampoo should only be used two to three times in a week as too much washing can rob our scalp of its natural oils. Dry shampoo is an option if your hair feels very greasy and dirty but they are not a substitute for regular shampoo.

A deep moisturizing conditioner should be used to safeguard hair from the damage of excessive shampooing. You can use one with sunscreen as it protects your mane from the harsh UV sun rays, especially when training outdoors.

Hair tied back will make that big difference between cool waves or a frizzy mess. It is even better if you can cover your hair with a sweat resistant bandana or a scarf. It helps shield our hair from any workout trauma, while absorbing the frizz creating sweat. Hair should be tied loosely at the back as very tight ponytails can result in traction alopecia, which gives the impression of retreating hairline.

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