Kosmoderma Range For Acne & Oily Prone Skin

  • Kosmo Gentle Cleanser
  • Kosmo Sun Protect Capsules
  • Acne & Blemish Control Serum

A MultiCleanser

For All Skin Types

Cleansing is the most important part of a skincare regimen. Cleansers come in many forms and should be used twice a day. Soap is not usually recommended, as it can leave a film on the skinand can be quite alkaline, causing dryness. Cleansers that rinse clean with water and are not too harsh are the best choices.

Kosmo Cleanser is a multi-cleanser that thoroughly cleanses, hydrates and also protects the skin. It has a unique formula that is suitable for all skin types & conditions. It’s active yetgentle ingredients like oats; shea butter will leave the skin feeling soft and supple. This soap free product is non – irritating and cleanses without leaving afilmy residue that can clog pores. Because it is pH balanced, it protects the acid mental layer of the skin that in turn protects the skin from sun damage and dehydration.

The sun protector to reduce tanning and repairskin.

The Kosmo Sun Protect is a cutting edge anti-oxidant pill designed to protect the skin from sun radiation which in turn will aid in reducing sun burn and sun tan.

It contains Polypodium locomotes a well-researched and established plant extract that increases resistance of skin to sun burn. This unique formula, proprietary to Kosmoderma literally acts like an internal sun protector and helps us protect ourselves from UV Radiation.

To boostthe anti-oxidants, the formula also contains super anti-oxidants like pine bark extract, Pycnogenol, Co Q10, Vitamin C which work on minimizing the inflammatorydamage caused by sun, pollution and climatic changes and helps in skin repair.

Bid adieu to acne issues!

For acne & oily prone skin.

The Acne & Blemish control serum is a unique blend of actives with botanicals that helps clear acne, blemishes, and marks and unclogs pores, and reduces whiteheads & blackheads,. The serum contains active ingredients like azelaic acid which is an anti-bacterial and reduces cell clumping. Niacinamide helps in regulating oil production & prevents breakouts, Alpha Arbutin clears blemishes and marks making the skin look brighter. The serum contains Turmeric (Curcumin) & Ginger Root which have anti Inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties.

This serum not only helps in controlling acne and blemishes but also soothes skin and moisturizes the skin due to the presence of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.

Apply 3-4 pumps on your clean face every morning before applying sunscreen. For maintenance use the serum every night after cleansing your face followed by a moisturizer. Avoid using during pregnancy and lactation.

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