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Not as common as Lasers but Radio Frequency treatments are some of the best treatments at offer for anti ageing (tissue tightening and sag removal) and scar removal.

The underlying principle is of micro currents which are run through the skin to boost collagen production. But this is not all that you need to know and for the additional information- well that is what the blog is for!

Understanding Radio Frequency Treatments

Scientifically speaking, radiofrequency is the resultant of the phenomenon involving the oscillations of electric and magnetic fields within the radio wave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

For the treatments, the working principle of Radio Frequency Treatments involves feeding short pulses of alternating current or voltage through an electrode which generated the radio frequency waves which in turn act on the intended skin part.

Types of Radiofrequency delivery

Monopolar or unipolar refers to a device having one pole or electrode.

In this delivery mode, the single electrode is placed on the area being treated and the current pulse from it then runs throughout the body facing maximum resistance at the spot where the electrode was kept thus facilitating tissue healing by boosting collagen generation.

The boost in collagen generation is the direct result of the skin tissues resisting the current being passed through them so as to prevent any intended damage.

Bipolar refers to a device having two poles or electrodes.

This mode involves usage of two electrodes on a single handpiece. The tissue that is held between these two electrodes then has the current flowing through it as against the entire body in case of Unipolar mode.

Though some people might experience mild redness following the treatment, it usually disappears quickly. The Radio Frequency Treatments is short and can be called a lunch time procedure- which means that you can return to your normal work life almost immediately.

The one thing however which you would require to avoid for a few days would be direct sun exposure.

Also, the doctor would share a treatment plan with you which should be adhered to religiously. That being said, everything will be fine.

We hope this blog answered most of your queries. If a few remain still, you know how to reach us!

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