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Thanks to our lifestyles spend an enormous 80-90% looking at the screens.

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Be it the laptop screens which we are forced to look at because of work or the mobile screens which we turn to for entertainments and ironically relaxation

our eyes are always working and struggling with the strain to focus.

Needless to say that hereditary causes apart, most of us are walking around with spectacles on or our crow feet have started to appear already, much earlier than when they ideally should have had.

Now, with such a constant stress, can we do something to sooth up our eyes?
Well Yes! Other than just waiting and going for eye massages or applying creams, there is something you can do daily and at intervals to soothe those tired muscles more effectively.

Easiest of all the exercises and still one of the most effective for immediate relief, for a long term one, you will need to repeat this exercise at regular intervals.

What to do:

  • Rub your palms against each other to warm them up sufficiently
  • Now, cup your eyes with these warm palms
  • Make sure that the palms do not touch the eyes
  • Keep your hands like that for some 2-3 minutes
  • While doing this, ensure that your eyes are closed and you see darkness (try not to focus on the light from the outside since that would be a distraction)
  • When done, open your eyes slowly to avoid any sudden light exposure.

Eye Rolling
When we say eye rolling, it is not the “rolling your eyes in exasperation”. What we mean here is that you need to gradually roll your eyes clockwise so that your muscles relax.

What to do:

  • Sit straight with your spine stretched
  • Let your eyes relax, do not focus on anything in particular, let your gaze wander
  • Now, tilt your head a bit so that to look at the ceiling, your eyes still have to tilt upwards. Hold your eyes there for a second
  • Now, gradually move your eyes in a clockwise direction and hold on your eyes for a bit at 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees and 0 degrees to the vertical
  • Repeat the process for about 5 times

Caution: Do not do it fast. Do this exercise with a calm mind and with the clear motive of relaxation.

Distant Gazing
This involves looking aimlessly. Yes, that is the key- do not focus anywhere. Just draw a blank and let your eyes wander.
However, that does not mean that you have to keep moving your eyes. Keep them at a place for a while and then gradually shift.
What can help better- think about a pleasant memory as you gaze into the infinite. This will not just relax your eyes but also put your brain cells at rest

One major reason why our eyes get drained a lot while focussing on our screens is the lack of blink. The brain is by default trained to not blink much if it has to be attentive.

The lack of blinking dries out your eyes and strains the eye muscles more as the timing for them to remain stretched increases. Thus, every time they come back to normal, some elasticity gets lost.
If however, you blink continously (once in 4 seconds being ideal), no such damage happens and your eyes remain lubricated enough to be strained.

Important: while working on laptops or in general focussing on screens, it is natural for the brain to forget the need to blink. You will hence have to train your brain accordingly.


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