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Answer these questions to reveal if you are treating your skin right.

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No matter how diligent you are with your skin care, it's easy to make little mistakes that can lead to a flawed complexion. And over time, these add up, causing damage and leading to premature aging.

Are you dehydrated?
When water is lost from the surface of the skin, it leaves the skin feeling tight, flaky & rough. This is superficial dehydration. This water loss from the skin can be mistaken for being dry when in fact it means dehydration. At first, this affects the surface of the skin & if it is left untreated it results in deeper water loss in dermis which in turn will start to cause aging (wrinkles, lines, folds). Make sure you drink plenty of water & moisturize your skin regularly. Use heavier night creams or serums for hydration, if your skin is too dry.

Do you reapply your sunscreen?
You protect your face with a layer of sunscreen every morning. But do you reapply? The sunscreen sweats off, rubs off, and melts in your face, even when its water proof. If you are not able to wash off your face again during the day to reapply the sunscreen, just apply mineral powder with SPF in it at least 2 to 3 times a day.

Do you treat your neck & chest same as your face?
Many of us pay a lot of attention to our faces, but our necks and chests get neglected. The skin on neck &chest is thinner than the skin on your face, and yet often it gets just as much sun exposure. Ignore these areas and you’ll likely see sun damage showing up as blotchy skin, broken capillaries, and scaly patches. Treat your neck and chest with the same care you show your face. That means anything you put on your face likemoisturizer, sunscreen, or anti-aging products,you should apply to your neck and chest as well.

Do you wash your face before going to bed every night?
It’s easy at the end of the day to fall into bed, exhausted. But think of what your face goes through in a day. Makeup, oils, dirt, and pollution all collect on your skin during the course of the day. Do you really want all that gunk to get all over your and end up with clogged pores and breakouts? Make it a habit to wash off all the dirt every night.

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Sugar is one of the worst foods for your skin. High blood sugar can cause changes to the collagen and other tissues in your skin, making it weaker and more prone to wrinkling Avoid foods with added sugar, such as soda, candy, and cookies, and steer clear of foods that break down quickly into sugar, including white bread, white rice, and pasta.

Do you pick at your acne?
It’s tempting to squeeze a pimple or chip away at the edge of a scab. But you have to learn self-control when it comes to your skin. If you pick off a scab or squeeze a pimple until it bleeds, you’re injuring the skin, which can lead to scarring. Leave scabs and pimples to heal on their own.

Do you smoke?
Smoking ages your skin prematurely, just as spending a lot of time in the sun does. The habit can add 10 years or more to your appearance.The free radicals in cigarette smoke attack the collagen and elastic tissue in your skin, making your skin thinner, weaker, and more prone to wrinkling. Smoking also makes the wrinkles around your mouth and eyes start earlier and deepen sooner. There is only one solution, “Quit”. No matter how long you’ve been smoking, you’ll see benefits once you stop.

Do you see a dermatologist every year?
An annual exam for everyone, to look for moles, growths, or rashes that could signal a potential problem is very important. Checking your skin yourself is crucial, too, but a trained professional may notice a trouble spot that you might overlook or consider unimportant. In most cases, catching a problem early means it will be easier to fix.

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