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Soap Vs Cleansers | Kosmoderma

How cleansers are better for skin than soaps.

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Cleanser that is pH balanced, won't strip skin off water or oil preventing dehydration and sensitivity. Since oil cleanses oil, it is good for people with oily skin as well.

Soap on the other hand is alkaline. Skin is slightly acidic. Healthy skin is a skin that maintains its normal pH value of 5.5 to 5.6. This pH contributes to the skin’s protective barrier function. Because of soap’s alkaline pH, it strips the skin’s protective barrier, known as “Acid Mantle” leaving it open to bacterial invasion. Normally it takes 3.5 hours for the skin to return to its normal pH.

When the skin is stripped, water is lost from the surface leaving the skin feeling tight, flaky& rough. This is superficial dehydration. This water loss from the skin can be mistaken for being dry when in fact it means dehydration.

The oil glands now receive messages telling them to produce more oil to compensate for that tight feeling. Because the surface of the skin becomes tight the oil that is being produced cannot flow freely to the surface thus creating clogged pores.

If the skin is oily, it becomes oilier & results in acne, pustules, papules, open/closed comedones.

On a dry skin (lacking oil), the water loss exaggerates the feeling of dryness causing it to feel uncomfortable. At first this affects the surface of the skin & if it is left untreated it results in deeper water loss in dermis which in turn will start to cause aging (wrinkles, lines, folds)

So pH balanced cleansers are better for skin than soaps that are usually alkaline.

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