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Getting stuck in traffic jams is not an one off instance, it is something that keeps happening to all the dear office goers almost all the times unless of course they get lucky.

Now, when you spend almost 2-4 hours in traffic daily and then remain in the office for the better time of the day, working out seems to be an unaffordable luxury!

But, haven't we always been by your side to give out information on how to make the most of your time to maintain a fitness routine? Well this time again, read on to know about what all exercises can be done to tone up and relax while being stuck in traffic jams!

Bust That Stress

We start with stress busting because we know that the stress of being stuck is too much to allow you concentrate on anything else.

Inhale as large as you can to ensure maximum chest and diaphragm expansion. Inhale and exhale such that you can feel your stomach muscles moving.

Repeat the procedure about 10 times.

This entire exercise will put your tummy muscles at work thus, not just toning them but also helping in better metabolism. The constant inhale-exhale will strengthen your lungs too and of course, the additional oxygen will boost your mood.

Tone Those Abs

When you are seated behind the wheel, or even in the backseat, try getting the left shoulder as close as possible to the right foot and the right shoulder to the left foot. If you face difficulty in this, do not over stretch. Start with first touching the tip of the fingers to the opposite foot and then gradually increase the stretch over time to finally come to bending your shoulder.

Start with 2 sets of 10 and then increase with time.

Build those Biceps

Put your hands on the steering wheel such that they are at 180 degree to each other and 90 degree to your body- basically, you have to sit straight. Alternatively, if you are sitting in the back seat, place your hands on the seat in front.

Now, while maintaining the same position, try pushing both the hands towards each other to work the chest. Hold in this position for as long as you can. Try doing 2 sets of 20 to begin with.

Tone up your Neck

The simplest of all, all that needs to be done is, turn your neck to a side, apply pressure with your palm onto your forehead and resist this pressure with your neck. Repeat it for the other side.

Do 2 sets of 10 each for starters and you may then gradually increase on the numbers.

Strengthen the calf

For those who either travel by public transport or have to wait for cabs. We know how difficult it can be to get the seats. Well, utilise this by moving your legs up and down from the knee and below.

This would not just reduce the fatigue on the leg by facilitating faster blood flow but there is also a probability that the people around you will give you some space to stand (tongue in cheek).

We hope that you will follow this regime and will be able to make up for your lost fitness time.

To know more such stuff, keep waiting and we shall be back with a blog soon!

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