tackling the post pregnancy beauty concerns

Tackling the Post Pregnancy Beauty Concerns | Kosmoderma

Guide on how to cater to Post Pregnancy concerns

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Your little munchkin is right there in your hands and we can understand how nice and fulfilling a feeling it is. No doubt about it that your baby has all your attention and time and of course it needs that too but every once in a while when you look at yourself in the mirror and see those acne and stretch marks, a part of you hurts.

Needless to say that looking at your baby sleeping peacefully more than makes up for it but the falling hair, the dark eyes and the spots on your face are a bit too much to ignore too.

However, when you have Kosmoderma by your side, you need not worry because every time your baby catches some sleep, we will be there to help you out with your beauty regimen asap.

So, here is a step by step guide on how to cater to the concerns at hand.

Almost all the women experience some or the other form of acne during pregnancy. While some might have pimples popping up every now and then, for others it will be a pretty regular affair.

For the earlier cases, where pimples pop up and then get fine on their own, nothing to worry because it is just your hormones and stress at play and it will gradually subside.

However, if your acne is persistent- trust us for you need to see a dermatologist. The good news is that since you have already delivered, the restrictions on medications have been lifted and hence, you can easily go for any treatment as prescribed by the doctor.

When you visit, just make sure that a hormonal profiling is done to ensure that your acne is not a thyroid symptom in which case your treatment will be with the endocrinologist.

Postpartum pigmentations are mostly temporary and for majority women they come as tiny spots here and there which gradually fade away.
However if you have got severe melasma, you should visit a dermatologist immediately. The essence is the time any of the treatment would take and at Kosmoderma specially, we know how to make the best use of it.

You may not have enough time to prepare the face masks at home and to ease that out we have specifically curated products which you can apply topically as maintenance.

Stretch Marks
You may be extremely lucky to not have them but in general, almost all mothers tend to get stretch marks. Now these are the ones which are highly probable to stay back even when your life has gone back to normal.
The good news, you do not need to take any immediate action. You may well worry not and wait till your kid is slightly grown up and you have sufficient time.

Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes
Up your iron intake and try to have half a glass of beetroot juice daily. Other than that, since we know that getting a good sleep is going to be a challenge, simply put two cucumber slices in the “freezer” for some 10-15 minutes and then put them on your eyes to relax them.

Alternatively you can also put a table spoon in the freezer and after 10-15 minutes, put it on your eyes. A table spoon with its convex side touching your eyes entirely covers the hollow and hence the easing out of the muscles happens fast.

Hair Loss
Do NOT Worry! It is going to be okay. Hair loss during and immediately after pregnancy is common as the hair growth cycle gets disturbed.
However, if the same persists even after a month from the date of your delivery or the thinning is excessive, go for Hair Regrowth procedures such as PRP and Growth Factor Therapy which are absolutely natural and hence harmless.

We hope that the dear ladies who are pregnant right now and are voraciously browsing through the internet to understand why is something happening to them will find solace in this article.

Pregnancy is beautiful and the pains that come along are temporary. Just wanted to reiterate that for you because we know what makes you happy.

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