the curious case of crow feet

The Curious case of Crow Feet! | Kosmoderma

Ways by which crow feet can be delayed or reduced

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Does that mean that we should smile any less?

Well no because there are ways by which crow feet can be delayed or reduced as required.

This blog topic talks about these ways.

  1. The Best guide to curing something is preventing it in the first place. Though crow feet eventually appear with age as the skin’s collagen generation decreases but there are a few factors which if considered can significantly delay this ageing phenomenon. These are listed below:
    • Use not just any but UV Protected sunglasses to not just provide the usual protection from the sun’s heat but to also prevent squinting in the sun and hence reduce the excessive strain on the eye muscles.
    • Use a plumping moisturiser near the eyes and massage them twice daily- once in the morning and then in the night before sleeping. This will relax the eye muscles as well as the abundant moisturisation will keep the skin hydrated and hence the collagen generation ability and the skin elasticity will remain intact.
    • Keep yourself hydrated. An internal system that lacks in moisture cannot maintain a healthy and supple skin.
    • Medifacials and jet peels are another set of treatments which you can take over time to maintain the skin’s suppleness.
    • As a preventive measure you can actually take botulinum injectables before the fine lines appear. As a preventive measure, this would prevent the entire collagen of the skin from breaking down.
  2. For the curative part, botulinum injections are the most effective solutions indeed but if you start your crow feet treatment right from the first appearance, exfoliation with glycolic peels also has a high probability of showing good results. Proved to be better than physical exfoliants, glycolic acid peels work not just by taking the dead skin cells away but also by adding volume to the surface. Also, the skin healing process that is expedited by the peel, renews the collagen generation abilities of the dermis.

At Kosmoderma we understand that for any skin, hair or body related concern, prevention is any day better than cure. Hence, maintaining a good diet, keeping yourself hydrated and exercising regularly- both for the body and face have an importance of their own.

And if and when the time comes and any special assistance is required, we are always there.

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