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The Guide to Celeb Like Glowing Skin | Kosmoderma

coveted Celebrity Treatment- The Oxybrite 4-in-1 Medifacial.

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We have a lot of celebrity clients and since this is out in the open, the number of questions that we receive regarding how to get that celebrity like glowing skin abound too!

Now, telling the name of the exact treatment which these celebrities undergo will be a breach of privacy and of course unethical but to create something which includes all of these treatments in one is an intellectual property right Kosmoderma can bestow upon it.

So, here are some more details on the coveted Celebrity Treatment- The Oxybrite 4-in-1 Medifacial.

To begin with:

The Oxybrite Medifacial solves the following purposes:

  • Lightens the skin tone to give a more uniform skin color
  • Gets your skin glowing by gently exfoliating and removing the dead skin cells
  • Smoothens the skin
  • Boosts collagen generation thus facilitating anti-ageing process
  • Facilitates skin rejuvenation thus controlling fine lines and wrinkles

Now how does the Oxybrite Treatment Work?

The treatment starts with a consultation first. The consultation is important because the Oxybrite treatment does not have a one size fits all approach.

The gels, capsules,packs and even the massage types vary with the person concerned.

For the treatment, the brightening get is applied which is then activated by using capsules which are moved around the face.

The Carbon dioxide that thus gets formed on the surface results in not just exfoliation but also improved blood flow in the applied region.

This results in not just the collagen boost but also better absorption of whatever topical treatments are then done either at the clinic or as a DIY at the home.

This entire process which lasts not more than 30 minutes results in

  • Tightened Skin tissues
  • Cleaned up pores
  • Riddance from oily shine
  • Glowing Skin

Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Lasers Clinics are dedicated to medical excellence in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology with international accreditation and facilities.
We offer scientifically proven treatments using US FDA approved technology. All our products have undergone extensive research and trials in USA, Europe and India. We pride ourselves in offering safe, effective and affordable treatments with high standards of quality. Kosmoderma gives personalized consults with skin care and uses facial analyzer and 3D imaging of the skin to analyze and personalize the treatments and skin regimen.

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