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One of the biggest myths of the beauty and healthcare industry is that dark circles are because of pigmentation- either due to sun damage or lifestyle habits. Stress and irregular and insufficient sleep are attributed to be the other causes.

Same goes with the eye bags which are assumed to be caused by mostly stress and lack of sleep and in some cases are hereditary too.

But, contrary to the prevalent belief, under eye concerns are more commonly caused by facial or nerval structures.

Now, when it is pigmentation, one cans till go for topical creams and masks and get some results but in case of the body structure being like that, what to do to correct it is a big concern.

At Kosmoderma, we understand this and that is why we have the following at offer:

  1. To facilitate the drainage of excess lymph which gets collected in the under eye region resulting in puffiness, we have a specifically curated under eye mask which contains Vitamin C and seaweed extracts. These two agents are responsible for draining lymph while Vitamin C has an additional benefit of being an anti-ageing agent.
  2. For those whose hollow under eye sockets are due to loss of fat or the lack of it, Hyaluronic acid based injections are given. The HA then replaces the lost fat and recontours the sunken sockets. Also, the smoothened result that it has on the overlying epidermis results in reduced friction between the bone and the skin and hence a reduced pigmentation.
  3. Platelet Rich Plasma is also sometimes injected injected in order to boost collagen generation in the region in addition to facilitating lymphatic drainage.
  4. Unlike Laser based treatments which will be effective in case of pigmentation resulting in dark circles, Fractional radio frequency based treatments help in tightening the skin around the eyes thus resulting in a better skin texture and new collagen production which helps in reducing the dark circles or puffiness as the case be.

We hope that having gone through these, you would be able to make an informed decision the next time you face such a concern and visit a dermatologist.

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