Understanding Skin Abrasion based Rejuvenation

Understanding Skin Abrasion based Rejuvenation

We talk about microdermabrasion and the likes to facilitate skin rejuvenation but this information usually comes about as an additional one.
This blog piece is dedicated specifically to the topic of how skin abrasion works and that dermabrasion is not the only treatment in the category.

Other than microdermabrasion, there is microdermabrasion-microparticles too which is an innovative way to treat minor ailments.
The text below discusses dermabrasion against microdermabrasion microparticles.

The Working Principles
Dermabrasion essentially scrapes away the surface or epidermal layer of the skin. Done by means of a rotating wire brush, the process creates controlled wounds on the target areas. The wound creation facilitates formation of new cells in the area.
The time for the wounds to heal takes anywhere between a few days to over a week.

Microdermabrasion Microparticles (MM) also works on the same principle but it is comparatively less abrasive with regards to dermabrasion. Instead of a wire brush, MM involves blowing off microparticles onto the skin. No wound is created in the process but the microparticles stimulate the growth of new skin cells which helps improving the appearance of the skin.

Results and Effectiveness
Considering that dermabrasion is a pretty aggressive technique which creates wounds, the results of the process are considerably better than MM. While MM can improve only the surficial skin qualities, dermabrasion can work on correcting fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.
Dermabrasion can also lessen the scars and in some cases help in tattoo removal too.

Side Effects and Limitations
Both dermabrasion as well as MM are dependant on the experience of the dermatologist/therapist. If not done right, the treatments can result in hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, thickening of the skin and even scarring.
It is thus recommended that if the wound caused by the process becomes, red, swollen or itchy, medical help should be sought.

That was all we had to offer for now. Hope it added to your already huge knowledge pool!