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The fat/weight loss regimen

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There is an ever raging debate on whether one should go for a weight loss or fat loss regime. But then, isn't weight loss almost same as fat loss? Well NO! And to know the difference and hence what is the better option for you, read on

As against weight loss which involves fat loss enough that it shows on your weighing scale, Fat loss is about getting rid of the excess fat which may or may not reflect on the weighing scale

Now, though it may seem on the outset that weight loss should be the thing to go for, it is important to know that weight gain or loss though largely attributed to the gain or loss of fat, also has an important role of carbohydrates and water to it in addition to several procedures which your body undergoes daily- for example some days you will feel bloated due to excess water retention and the weighing scale may show more and on another day when you check the weight right after the daily ablution, you will feel that you weigh lighter.

You must have noticed it too that your weight if taken before sleeping is usually higher than the weight taken during morning. This is because the food and water retained in the body give the feeling that your weight has increased.

Thus, the actual focus should be on fat loss and not weight loss because the latter is just a myth; the former is the truth that everyone should seek.

Thus, though your weighing machine will be a broader way to judge your weight and health, it is not the only thing you should rely on. The reason for the same can be explained through an example- The bodybuilders or athletes reduce their body fat but build their muscles- a phenomenon which though keeps their body weight constant or increases it too does not mean that they aren’t healthy or are fat when their fat content is actually less than 12%..

Another factor which says why we should focus more on fat loss as against weight loss is that not everyone has the same bone density and hence a very slim looking person might actually have a greater weight than a comparatively healthy person of the same built.

With so many fact corrections now, how do we then know if the fat/weight loss regimen that we are following is setting us on the right path or not?
Well, you can and here is how:

  • Stop obsessing over the grammage of carbs and fats intake. Instead focus on having a balanced diet. The BMI measurement is flawed to a great extent owing to the fact that it does not take the “body fat” into account so stop relying on it.
  • Stop weighing yourself daily or weekly. Fat loss is a gradual process. The minimum duration over which the effects can be seen is 2 weeks
  • Stop judging yourself based upon what they show in movies and do not judge yourself everytime you look into the mirror. Psychological reasons skew the perceptions. Instead focus on how healthy and active you feel as compared to earlier
  • To measure the body fat, get a fat calliper– even if it does not show on your weighing scale, the lost inches will show on the fat calliper for sure
  • Maintain a log of your work out, if you feel that your muscular activity (the period of time after which you feel tired) has gone up, you are on the right track.

Always remember that a happy you is a healthy you (That doesn’t mean that you will induce your happiness using fat and sugar though).

Eat healthy and exercise; if not a lot then whatever little physical movement you can do, do it and slowly you will realise that you will be fit and perfectly fine.

Also, do you know the benefits that pumpkin seed oil has for health and also fat loss? Well, check it here!

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