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The kind of schedules we have, it is only obvious how tired we go to bed and how waking up in the morning is a struggle.

Now this tiredness usually shows up on our face when we wake up in the morning- swollen under eye area, slightly droopy eyelids, puffiness on the face and of course that feeling of being tired.

Now, how to get rid of this and wake up fresh every morning? Well this blog is all about that!

The Skin Care routine

This is something that gets reiterated time and again. Follow your Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise routine religiously. And if you are too lazy to do that too, then do the following:

  • Wash your face with a mild face wash
  • Gently massage almond oil into your skin and let it remain for some 30 minutes
  • Gently dab your face off with cotton dipped in lukewarm water
  • Go to sleep

Letting the skin breathe
There is a reason why we asked you to dab the skin later. Contrary to the popular opinion where you are asked to lather up moisturisers before sleeping, it is important that you let your skin breathe.

You have already provided the necessary cleaning and moisturisation and while you are awake, your skin has worked fast enough to absorb the essential nutrients. So, when you go to sleep, just like your brain, your skin expects some relaxation too and hence, going bare skin is the best way to help recuperate it.

The Food to eat
It is usually suggested that one should apply fruit masks but when any mask acts on the surface itself then is it any logical to put it on the face.
Instead drink your nutrients. An intake of a glass (200ml) of citrus fruit juice and about 10 ml of beetroot juice daily will work the wonders for not just your skin but the entire body’s well being.

The under Eye area
We asked you to apply almond oil, well while applying massage it in your under eye areas too to soothe the muscles. Doing this will help your eyes relax.

The Hair Care
Comb your hair every night before going to bed. Tie them in a light knot to avoid them getting all tangled up. Prefer satin pillow covers since they are smooth and result in lesser hair breakage and tangling

The fluid intake and excretion
You should not drink a lot of water before sleeping because it might result in either excess water retention resulting in puffiness or you will have to make frequent trips to the washroom which would then mess up with your sleep routine.
You may however, soak your feet in warm water for some 20 minutes and then go to sleep. This will not just soothen up the skin of your sole but also relax your muscles facilitating a good night sleep.

We know that you must be surprised as to why we listed so many different aspects while talking of a morning glow.
The thing however is that the glow is not just about your face, the glow comes when your body on the whole is relaxed and happy.

Follow all this and we are waiting for your happy stories to listen to.

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